lolo lids

Drink | Beer

Lolo Lids

Finally there’s a companion for my stadium buddy. For those tough times when you need to fake out the cops, security, your parents or your wife, Lolo Lids has you covered. Literally. Disguised as a bad airport kiosk coffee you’re left to meander the streets, stadium or floors in Bloomingdales while nipping on your favorite carbonated beverage. Masquerading as a hot cup of java, your beer (let’s be honest, that’s what we’re talking about here) will help you avoid the sneers and jeers of grimace faced citizens on that 11am furniture fabric selection appointment. We don’t mean to sound so jaded or alcoholic about things. We’re just saying, sometimes you have to do something boring and sipping a drink can make it a little better.

copper kitchenaid mixer

Gear | Countertop

KitchenAid Copper Mixer

We normally wouldn’t feature something so ubiquitous but the copper version is just so dope that we had to share it with you. The same great workhorse you’ve had (or been seeing) for years just in a shiny penny version that even we’d think twice about letting it clutter up our counter.

Fish's Eddy dental cup

Gear | Table

Porcelain Dentist Cup

We love the dentist. Ok…I love the dentist. I also love weird mashups particularly if they consider the dinnertable. For most, drinking from a Porcelain Dentist Cup while enjoying a delicious meal would be like a 4X UBER surge after front row seats to Hamilton. I’d go so far as to serve some neon blue cocktail in these to further conjure the inspector gadget dental chair. Fish’s Eddy embraces this contrast with the newest in their quirky line up. Although, their dentist cup was probably intended for the bathroom not the dining room. Does that make me weird?

Arthur avenue food tour

Dinner | Tour

Arthur Avenue Food Tour

Walking around Arthur Avenue feels a little like a throwback to the days of my grandfather. Just off the boat from Italy, adapting to the “new” city by finding ways to make mozzarella and salami in these new urban conditions. We walk the shops and visit Mike’s Deli at least every quarter year BUT we rarely have more than our Italian roots to tell us the story of the streets we stroll. We wish we had Bronx resident and food aficionado with us on our visits. The 92st. Y’s Arthur Avenue Food Tour grants that wish. Susan will accompany you to her favorite spots while explaining some history of the neighborhood, Italian-American immigration and the food production. Saturday, June 18 @ 11am – 1:30pm. Meeting spot TBA.

NYC Burger Week 2016

Dinner | Themed

NYC Burger Week 2016

You read that right. An entire week dedicated to the all-american favorite food indulgence. To be honest, we had no idea this existed. We completely missed the memo for 2015. Not the case for NYC Burger Week 2016. The line up screams for a clogged artery by hump day. If we make it through the whole week you can find us forging Lipitor prescriptions at Duane Reade. Don’t blame us. With nights like Black Iron Burger’s Burger and Beer Civil War AND The Beer Culture Boozy Burger Brunch how are you not going to be sitting at the next table with a half glass of booze and ketchup smeared in the corners of your mouth? May 1-7 @ various location in NYC.

fries before guys T-Shirt

Design | Fashion

Fries Before Guys T-Shirt

We’ve been seeing this in many styles, designs and mediums and think it’s pretty right on. Maybe that’s my poutine loving wife’s influence but this rhyme is far better than some of the crass copy us boys throw around at happy hour. Also, if the Fries Before Guys T-Shirt is the flag woman start waving these days it beats the “Diamonds are a girls best friend” mantra of the 80’s. I’ll buy deep fried spuds for her all day everyday. I know, diamonds are still a “thing” but a man can dream right?

Thanks for raisin us card

Design | Greetings Cards

Raisin Mother’s Day Card

We love the Good Paper people. Gearing up to treat mom is sometimes one of the trickiest tasks of the year. It has to be good, funny, special, sentimental, not too much BUT just enough. Start out with this Thanks for Raisin Us card and you’re on the right track. Of course you need at least one sibling for it to make sense. After that maybe you go with a north African dinner reservation or a beach vacation for the big gift. There’s a theme her people. Go with it.

collectivo felix 2016

Dinner | Tour

Collective Felix Supperclub 2016

Every year one of the grandfathers of the supperclub movement leaves Buenes Aires for the US. When they land, Collectivo Felix complete a multi-city tour popping up dinners in some of the best know pop-ups in the states. One of those stops is always at The Whisk and Ladle. We can’t say enough about these two Gastro-awesome friends so all we’ll say is, get a ticket. The evening will be amazing with every sip and bite BUT more special, you’ll be hosted by one of the originators of the movement in one of the original spaces that supperclubs were reborn. April 30th @ 7pm in Brooklyn.

The Field Skillet
The Field Skillet

Gear | Stove

Field Skillet

By name it has a contrast that unless it’s 1873 you want nothing to do with it. Field Company’s Field Skillet is aimed at the modern kitchen and the Portlandian, hipster, camping enthusiast. This is to say, carrying a cast iron anything into the “field” ended when horses turned into horsepower. The field skillet does have its place in our modern society and that’s looking cool and saving wrists in your urban kitchen OR looking like a grandfather of hipsters at your next car camping lake weekend. Built to replace the heavy, Lodge skillets of your grandparents hand-me-downs, this modern material replica streamlines the design discarding things like pour spouts and fully casted handles, In a smart, yet retro move, it comes pre-seasoned ready for that Sunday breakfast frittata or that elusive campfire charred hanger steak.

farmbox direct

Food | Fresh

Farmbox Direct

Ashley started Farmbox Direct because she thinks that the freshness of the farm should be available to everyone. Here in NYC we have an incredible framers market network but even then it’s sometimes tough to stop in. When I can, I usually spend the day with a brussel sprout tree or some lacinto kale hanging out of my bag. Farmbox Direct brings the freshness of the farm (or green market) to your door. It’s sort of like a CSA and Hello Fresh smashed together. The box comes with what is fresh, local and at it’s peak, given the unpredictability of mother nature. This is a good thing for adjusting our eating habits back to the seasonal, locavore ways of the past. I remember when I was a kid, my grandmother would spend a weekend canning tomatoes because they didn’t grow in the winter. Not the case today. That’s because those winter tomatoes are greenhouse, pesticide, growth hormone, genetically altered seed, specimens that probably can grow on Mars (and they taste like it too). Ashley’s roots are on a farm which makes her perfect to start a service like this. She understand the enormous impact it can have on farmers and those of us subscribed to their delicious, natural bounty.

sunfest pairings 2016

Experience | Festival

SunFest Pairings

SunFest is a great excuse to spend 5 days hanging on the West Palm Beach Gold coast. Besides a line up with The Roots, Meghan Trainer and Steve Aoki (that barely does the lineup justice) the whole mini-week ends with a fireworks blowout over the inter coastal. The best part of all of this is you can break up day 2 with a food bonanza featuring some of WPB’s best culinary artists. SunFest Pairings is in it’s 5th year and is a bit like a bar crawl for food. The best kind of crawl in our book. Thursday, May 26th from 5:30-9pm in West Palm Beach, Florida.

preservation society

Food | Pantry

Preservation Society Members Club

We couldn’t decide between the bread and butter beets and the Mostarda as our favorites. Preservation Society Members Club allows you to not have to choose. Unfortunately we don’t have a Montreal address so this club wasn’t an option for us. Luckily we have friends willing to pick up (and probably eat) our club benefits. What we love most, besides the quality, unique ingredients and perfectly ripened tastes, is that theirs not secrets or pretension to the small batch brand. Camilla Wynne ♥’s canning and wants to bring that knowledge to as many people as possible. This club is one way she does that. Workshops, events and a tell all book are three others. Talk about approachable. Of course our approach requires a JFK to YUL flight path.

Danica Studios Mushroom Pochette

Gear | Travel

Mushroom Pouch

Mushrooms and pouches can’t be passed up if I’m hunting with Missus Tasty. One of our must hits when in Montreal is V de V. Their home good curation is unmatched. With eyes locked on Danica Studios Mushroom Pochette there was no turning back. Perfect for your art pens or makeup kit, this pouch will keep everythig safe while adding some whimsy to the inner lining of your purse of pack. At least that’s what the ladies say.

nyc hot sauce expo

Experience | Competition

NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2016

For the fourth year in a row their will be more capscium concentrated in North Brooklyn than any where else on earth. With names like Naga Morich, Madame Jeanette, Dorset Naga, Bhut Jolokia and Moruga Scorpion, you might think it’s a South American ex-con reunion. The NYC Hot Sauce Expo burns their home into Greenpoint for two days this weekend with representation from India to Africa to Trinidad with sauces highlighting the hottest of the hot. With events like the Torch Bearers Gacumole Eating Contest and Defcon Sauces Chicken Wing Eating Competition, there is something for everyone. Even if you’re not a hot sauce enthusiast you can come down and watch people compete to burn their face and insides to win a pepper topped trophy. April 23rd and 24th from 10am-6pm in Brooklyn.