pizza notebook

Design | Stationary

Pocket Pizza Notebook

These days in Williamsburg’s hipster mecca, a notebook is almost as mandatory as a carabiner of keys clipped to your jet black jeans. Moleskine dominates mindshare with Field Notes and Shinola journals coming in a far second. Gold Teeth Brooklyn decided to smash the foodie and the Brooklynite together by borrowing the big players form factor and creating a food focused series of pocket notebooks. Of the three, the Pizza Notebook reigns our fav. Now every time we go to jot down an ironic, clever idea for a future tweet we’re reminded of one of the greatest food items in the world. Not to mention the one responsible for fueling New Yorker’s through the 80’s and 90’s.

brooklyn eats

Conference | New York

Brooklyn Eats Trade Show

This weekend is a little like Christmas week when we were five years old. The anticipation of thousands of specialty food vendors coming to New York for the Fancy Food Show makes our mouths salivate and eyes widen. The tasting bites always reveal hidden gems but equally exciting is checking out the unique packaging design. We geek out like that. The Brooklyn Eats Trade Show smartly piggy backs on the Fancy Food Shows massive attendee list. It a more manageable show than the massive Javits Center for sure. This year we’re looking forward to checking out some of our favorite artisans and their new edibles. Morris Kitchen has some lemon preserve syrup we’re jonesing for. Pazzi Pasta might be making a play on Sfoglini. And, of course, we love popping in on our old friends like Dona Chai and Brooklyn Delhi. It’s well worth the $10 to get your Brooklyn Food on. June 24th from 10AM-4PM @Downtown Marriott in Brooklyn.


Experience | Festival

The Great Montréal PoutineFest

Hey Americano! You may know these as Disco Fries. Just know the best late night cheese fry and brown gravy throwdown you’ve ever had can’t hold a candle to a proper Canadian poutine. It’s all about the curds. Double that up with old town Montreal, one of the prettiest of North American city waterfronts, and you’re two goals to a hat trick. (It’s hockey country. Yes, even in the summer) That third goal can be scored in two ways. The best strip clubs north of the Dade County line (not recommended) or a post poutine cocktail crawl up Boulevard St. Laurent to the Plateau. Whatever your evening entails, be certain The Great Montréal PoutineFest will blow your taste buds into a Nova Scotian Noreaster and prime your belly for an evening of mixologist guided, gastro-debouchery. June 29th – July 3rd in Montreal.

abe froman tshirt

Design | Fashion

Abe Froman Logo T-Shirt

Threadless ran a Ferris Bueller design contest a few weeks back and this Abe Froman Logo T-Shirt was our hands down favorite. We lagged a bit in posting this and the purchasable site is now no where to be found. Everything seemed to be on a super limited time offer. None-the-less we though you needed to know about this gem. We did find the designers website and the buy link below will take you to his Threadless entry page. Maybe we can coax them to do a reprint.

the future of protein

Dinner | Themed

The Future of Protein Dinner

We’ve got a little inside baseball on this one. Without spilling the beans too much, just know, the chefs behind this one have been friends of FTHQ for almost a decade. No big reveal BUT we can confidently say this, the Future of Protein Dinner is a must attend dinner. First off, who doesn’t like to time travel. Second, doing it with your tongue sounds far better than that antiquated phone booth Roofus had Bill and Ted ride. 80’s movie jokes aside, this experience spans three centuries of protein edibles. That’s meat for you culinarily challenged folks. Meat in it’s loosest sense, of course. You’ll learn, and taste, from where we started “meating”, trapping and hunting our food. On the other side, you’ll explore advanced cooking options through insect and plant based “meat” making. I know I’m psyched to get my grub on. Maybe literally. Tuesday, June 28 from 7 to 11PM @ MOFAD in Brooklyn. 

puttanesca sauce

Food | Pantry

Pemberton’s Puttanesca Sauce

Speaking of that Maine trip, we also discovered Pemberton’s Puttanesca, another Maine business with a great origin story. Ever heard of Death by Chocolate. Yep. That’s right. Pemberton’s. That first product quickly went from local favorite to legendary status. How did they get to a jar of sauce? Simple really, they are about small batch, traditional classics, handcrafted with care. That allows them to explore a lot of different products from sweet to savory. As you know, we’re usually a discerning crowd when it comes to jarred red sauce but this puttanesca delighted our tongues and makes for a quick fix when we’re two tired (read busy) to start from scratch.

Horseradish Mustard

Food | Pantry

Raye’s Horseradish Mustard

Last year I explored Maine for the first time ever on a four day road trip. As I pecked around Portland to Belfast to the LL BEAN HQ, I found lots of great bites. One of my favorites was the very publicly applauded, yet new to me, Raye’s Mustard. With 100 years of history and what seems like as many flavor concoctions, there’s a version for everyones taste. Boasting small batch crafted, high in antioxidants, gluten-free, low sodium and no GMOs, makes you love it even more. Founded in the family smokehouse to produce mustard for Maine’s burgeoning sardine industry, the origins story only adds to the quintessential American dream story. We dig the Raye’s Horseradish Mustard on a roast beef sando, in fact, we knocked back one of those today.

Teagan White's Trash Squirrel Pin

Design | Fashion

Trash Squirrel Pin

You know we have a soft spot for pizza at FTHQ. Teagan White’s “Trash Squirrel” Pin reverberated through the office after Missus Tasty found this rodent gem. Teagan has a whole series of critters doing people like things. Most of it illustrated paint on paper. That’s why this is a rare gem and probably sold out by now. There’s something about a squirrel with a slice that just screams NYC to us. Maybe given that a pizza slice is the perfect quick hit and NYers tend to move like squirrels through the streets. Either way it’s a great addition to a lapel as you hustle from meeting to meeting wrestling your fellow citizens and hunger pangs.

go cubes chewable coffee

Food | Pantry

Go Cubes Chewable Coffee

Our want for coffee is currently insatiable. What we need, that’s another story. Since we’re staggering around these days in seemingly one of two states, red-eye wired workaholics or free trade, caffeine deprived zombies, a chewable cup of coffee seemed like the next logical step to get you from your bed to your barista. Think of all the moments Go Cubes Chewable Coffee will come in handy. After that chewable cigarette for example. The 68th slide in a 112 page powerpoint slide during your weekly status meeting. Running down the jetway as you just make your 6am flight to Chicago. We could find moments like these all day. As younger and cheeky as we just were, the idea of a chewable coffee with all the flavor and all the benefits is just what the nation ordered.

Sir Kensington's Fabanaise

Food | Pantry

Sir Kensington’s Fabanaise

The equivalent to a mic drop, Sir Kensington’s has just perfected an eggless mayonnaise using aquafaba. “Say whaaaat?” you ask. Yep. They not only perfected an eggless, mayo without using soy but they are using by products from a hummus company to do it. We love bi-product reclaimed goods and process. In short, when you cook chic peas in water the liquid that remains in aquafaba. It has very similar properties to eggs so they thought, “Who’s dumping tons of this aquafaba down the drain daily?” Hummus companies were the obvious, and low cost, answer. Now part of their avocado oil mayo, organic mayo made with sunflower oil and their classic, Sir Kensington’s Fabanaise rounds out the Mayo department not only with a smart recipe but with an innovation waste management solution. It tastes great too.

vans pizza slipon

Design | Fashion

Vans Pizza Slip-ons

I’ve been wearing Vans since I was 11. The resurgence of this brand into the mainstream made me smile something fierce. Then they went and did the unthinkable. Marry the classic slip on to a classic slice. If they say you can’t have your pie and wear it too, this just changed the rules. Vans Pizza Slip-ons are perfect for that midnight run to that randomly named pizza joint down the block. (if you live in NYC anyway). I bet you can get it to the point where all you have to do is point to your feet and Mike will dish you up a hot one.

avocardio tshirt

Design | Fashion

AvoCardio T-Shirt by MoguMogu

Last weeks avocado heavy line up got us to reshuffle the on deck folder and surface this find. MoguMogu food puns it out with the best of them. Wear this avocardio tshirt to the gym and not only own the cardio section but, I bet you score with that avocado toast loving, upper east side, brunch bitch on the elliptical you’ve been eyeing for weeks. Play it cute. MoguMogu would.

9 awesome fathers day gift ideas

Culture | Family

9 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Dad’s are tricky people. you never know if your going to get a life lesson, a lazy afternoon sharing a beer or an informal reprimanding about saving in your 401k. Regardless, we wouldn’t be here without them and celebrating them next Sunday is not only appropriate but critical. The right gift could defer some of those tougher talks for a few months. Here’s our favorite nine round up for 2016. Sfoglini Pasta of the Month $75 |  Dad Bod T-Shirt $23 |  Silicon Grip Grill Gloves $20Big Apple Barbecue Block Party FREE | House Beer $8Dude Sweet $8Detroit Denim Apron $115 |  Bourbon Maple Syrup $16Po’ Man Charcoal Grill $115

Greatest “Pop” Greeting Card

Design | Greetings Cards

Greatest “Pop” Greeting Card

We’re a sucker for a good pun. That peeps was a double pun. We met Witty Gritty, Meredith & Melinda the mother/daughter team behind the designs, a couple weeks ago at the Renegade Craft Fair’s Brooklyn edition. With Father’s Day right around the corner we couldn’t help but serve up this gem to treat your pop to a pop card. There’s a few other awesome options the ladies have on tap for dad’s special day. Plus, they have a catalog for just about any occasion you need a “snail mail” somethin’ somethin’ for the someone.