Troost • Brooklyn

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Sometimes you just want some morning comfort. Sometimes that comfort needs to be a very short distance from your house to scratch the itch that is local tasty. For me, on this particular itch, it’s Troost for a croissant egg sandwich. Sadly, BK’s was the first meal I enjoyed an egg sandwich with a croissant in place of bread. Pardon me, I mean, Croissan’wich. Never-the-less, I discovered the joy of a buttery, flaky, layered softness replacement for the ubiquitous Long Island kaiser roll. That moment has kept my eyes peeled for the uncommon croissant-roll replacement. I’ve found magic in many places. Penelope’s Penny Egg Sandwich to name one.

I digress. Back to comfort. A short walk down Manhattan avenue the orange facade of Troost beckons me in to its dimly lit, sleepy mahogany decor. The half awake barista bungles my order. I manage to take my over filled coffee cup to the quiet and dark booth in the back and await the arrival of my sando. The first bite is a perfect blend of yolk, buttery pastry, crisp baby arugula and molten cheddar. A sip of joe completes the moment and we repeat. We repeat until all that goodness is stored away in my tummy and I’ve drifted into a reverie about the day ahead of me. Ya know what? I think you’ll know where you can find me tomorrow morning. Happy Saturday morning to y’all.

Go there:
1011 Manhattan Ave.
Brooklyn, 11222

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Forked with Wyatt Neumann

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Wyatt Neuman

Wyatt Neumann’s mold was shattered when his jewish parents gave birth to him on Native American soil. To know Wyatt would be to understand how this is simply par for the course. His skin, garb and stride exude badass cool but his heart is as tender as the filet mignon he doesn’t necessarily find exciting to eat. His food habits are more for fuel than enjoyment. On the contrary, the conversation had over that food is of paramount interest to him. He’s a true explorer. He soaks in every moment making the best of the precious seconds he’s granted on earth. I admire his way. It’s brash, avante guard, conceited at times but with purpose…and ALWAYS with passion.

These days, his kids and wife are his world and he’s one of the best father’s I know. His creative energy has turned to focus on them as his muse. The result is amazing with his soft, tender, caring heart clearly visible through his seemingly contrasting photography. More than a quick glance reveals my point. On the jump hear what he has to say about fish heads, his kids and Montana.

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Papachos • Cusco

Sat, Aug 30, 2014 by


Papachos-Cusco, Peru

Our Peru adventure seems like a liftime away even though its only been just over a month. To aid in not forgetting so fast I decided to marinate some beef heart, for this weekend, and post this Labor Day appropriate excerpt from our Peruvian gastro-voyage. If you are in any part of Peru close to a major city the name Gastón Acurio is very well known. If you’re in any of the major cities or tourist hubs its likely one of his many restaurants is within taxi distance, if not closer. On our first day in Peru we met up with our new friend, and editor of the popular Peruvian magazine Cosas, Raul and he raved about Gaston’s burgers. “Papachos!” he emphatically repeated, “It’s amaaaaaaazing.” More on Raul a few posts from now but his words, although met with skepticism from both Tony and I, stuck with us.

It wasn’t until Cusco that we had the moment to consider Raul’s challenge…uhh excuse me…suggestion. Still recovering from the arduous trip out to Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu, we stood in Cuscos central square and looked up at Papacho’s balcony. A single, rusted metal letter P teased us to climb up and taste as the remaining sun ducked behind Cuscos 12,000 foot peaks. We accepted and 30 minutes later found ourselves pinned to the mat struggling to free ourselves from the huge taste of these delicious burgers sleeper hold. All things considered, they rival any American burger we’ve had. You may find this hard to believe but here’s 5 reasons why.

1. The bun is perfect. A slightly crispy outside, nice shine, a few seeds. Soft, fresh and airy inside. Perfect for burger juice absorption.

2. The portion is Texan size. Gaston does not fool around with dishing out the lbs.

3. The options run from the standard American (pictured above) to Peruvian slanted to local Cusco special editions.

4. The fries. 4000 varieties in Peru. Enough said.

5. This is the clincher. An all veal burger patty. It has to be at least a 1/2 pound of sweet meat. This detail is the move that makes it such a huge contender to its American counterparts.

It’s ridiculous to go to Peru for a burger but if you find yourself in Lima or Cusco do yourself a solid and give it a taste. You can have ceviche in a few hours or anticuchos as an afternoon snack. This burger is so good that it’s a not-to-be-missed on an eaters top 10 Peru list. I never thought we’d be advocating such a farce but this burger is anything but.

Go there:
Portal de Belén 115
Plaza de Armas-Cusco

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Farina • San Francisco

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Farina, San Francisco

I’m barely settled in from a monster 26 days on the road. Peru to San Fran to DC. Whew! To be straight with you, I am still gathering my balance. My desk is a disaster both at work and home. My Machu Picchu brain is long gone and the to=do list is gigantic. Tomorrow will be a kick-ass-take-names kind of day. I didn’t want another week to go by without a proper post although our Instagram stream has been doing a pretty good job of chronicling us real time.

I can’t even begin to post the tasty from Peru. There’s so much to consider. (coming soon). As I sort through that, here’s a bite from San Francisco that’s worth the stop. Grilled lamb chops served with sauteed chanterelle mushrooms. You’ll find a lot of super simple plates at Farina but you can’t go wrong with lamb chops. They barely need salt and pepper because the flavor of the meat is so big and distinct. Paired with an earthy mushroom only compliments the protein and pushes you closer to that elusive umami.

Go there:

Farina Focaccia & Cucina Italiana
3560 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone:(415) 565-0360

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Forked with Ross Field

Mon, Jul 28, 2014 by


Ross Field

Give Ross 5 minutes and he’ll make you think, laugh and feel like a kid. Not necessarily in that order. One of the most organized people I know, running some of the largest projects marketing can conceive, Ross has a way of making everything work out. Whether its a huge project or a troubled friend, his “It’ll all work out” demeanor has a way of rubbing off on you. I’ve seen him take a troubled boardroom of executives to consensus in under an hour. I’ve witnessed him, on multiple occasions, gently introduce strangers while manhandling dirty plates without skipping a beat. I’ve even seen him attempt to sooth subway drivers with his slightly off brand of humor by treating the 6 train, with closing doors, as a theater experience. In short, Ross’ mild mannered and positive approach to life breaths much needed fun into our fast paced, negative land mined, daily life. We met for lunch ironically at Babbo. Click to find out what my gluten free friend had to say about Reel Tasty, the bible and “full” meals.

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Talk ain’t cheap but hotels could be

Wed, Jul 23, 2014 by


Udaipur, India

Traveling is a huge part of this blog. In order to find new food experiences we need to be in new places and meet new people. Par for the course includes eating some “crazy” things, discovering some off-beat places and letting your gut lead you through a new land. I can’t tell you how many times our tongues lead us to meet incredible new people and have amazing meals. The above shot was snapped in Udaipur just after we discovered the Lotus Cafe and just before this happened. Recently Hotels Cheap asked us to answer a few questions on the topic of travel and food. Here’s what we had to say about adventurous eating, unfamiliar cities and our favorite eat spots on the planet. BTW, our Peru adventure starts in 48 hours.

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Amis • Philadelphia

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You can’t beat my family’s family dinner. Now that we’ve set the bar, there are a bunch of restaurants that have recently added a Sunday supper to their menu. I’m talking about the way Italian-Americans have been doing it for years. This I like. Now, if you were proper, you’d eat it around 2 or 3 in the afternoon then nap. Which, Amis will allow to happen. Not the nap part. Marc Vetri does an excellent job pulling together the 3 course, mid-day, feast. My grandmother didn’t boil eggs in her sauce but many do. Along with that tasty hard boiled you get two of the best meatballs I’ve ever had outside of my mother’s kitchen. You also get a sausage. All this lays on a fresh bed of spaghetti and sauce. For me the focus of the greatness resides in the center of the plate above. Something new and different (the egg) and something tried and true (the sausage). You see, I was always the sausage-over-meatball kid at our table, so to see the sausage as part of the Sunday meal brings me back. If you find yourself in Philly on a Sunday make a stop in. It’s well worth it.

The second reason for posting this today is because another contender in the “Beat-my-Sunday-Dinner” challenge will be tested this weekend. Red Gravy, a new Italian-American joint in Brooklyn, does a similar meal. Our first visit was on a Saturday night which obviously lacked a Sunday supper option. It will be hard to beat Vetri’s meatballs but Red Gravy’s sauce (Gravy vs Sauce debate benched for this post) is outstanding.  Perhaps the best restaurant sauce I’ve ever had. Rightfully so I suppose as it’s their namesake. The excitement mounts for Sunday. Stay tuned to Instagram for the play by play.

Eat there:

412 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147
Phone:(215) 732-2647

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Forked with Jeff Allen

Mon, Jul 14, 2014 by


Jeff Allen

I was introduced to Jeff three times independently. That should speak to his social circle. In a word, TREMENDOUS. Which also is an adjective used for the type of guy he is. Jeff’s one of those mild mannered, UBER connected guys that, most likely, has three degrees of separation from Obama but you’d never guess it. He also has quite the discerning tongue. Aside from our marketing discussions, (He’s danced with the devil of PR, marketing and advertising for as long as I have) we tend to eat up most of our conversations around food talk. He’s focused much of his career on the food industry which has put him in close proximity to great food, the people that make it, pay for it, build it and market it.

That said you can usually find him in his home test kitchen instead of the latest, hot, new restaurant. A habit I much admire especially given his early access to the latest restaurant openings or hot new chef event. His reason is perfect, he saves his palette for the amazing and not just the next. Here’s what he had to say over one of my favorite Moroccan breakfasts.

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Ristorante Barchetta • Bellagio

Tue, Jul 8, 2014 by


Italy-June 2014

Lake Como is beautiful. So is Bellagio, the point of the lake that’s been honored and awed for decades. So much so that Las Vegas felt it necessary to recreate it. Attention like this brings two things. The super rich and the tourists. Although beautiful, finding an authentic spot to eat without feeling ripped off is tough to do. For this one we had to turn to a tried and true companion, Lonely Planet. The Lakes guide steered us towards this elevated osteria with quite the extensive menu (Usually a red flag but not in this case).

Amongst the plethora of items, I immediately saw my hero dish. Since I was a kid and visited Umberto’s Clam House I’ve loved spaghetti with clam sauce. Red or white. Properly described spaghetti con le vongole. When this hit the table I already new I’d need more bread to sop up the tasty broth that would be left at the bottom of this bowl. All went according to plan and the clam infused wine and stock based broth was polished off without a drop left in the bottom of the porcelain marking the middel, not the end, of an awesome lake side Italian lunch. That’s the way it should be everyday.

Eat there:
Ristorante Barchetta
Salita Mella 13, 22021
Bellagio Como, Italy

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Forked with Doug Jaeger

Tue, Jun 24, 2014 by



I first met Doug because he produced a project called LVHRD. Introduced to the idea through a conference he spoke at, I made it my mission to meet him and pick his brain about the invite only, random gathering, collective he dubbed LVHRD. I was fascinated by the idea that like minded people would gather just hours after receiving a text message announcing an event. The part that really got me was, the text went out to specific parts of the LVHRD email list (not the whole list at once). It was simple, brilliant and the inspiration to how I curated my Forking Tasty Suppers list. I’ve come to know Doug well over the years. From his agency days, to our entrepreneurial brainstorm lunches to his current content business, he’s always been ripe with one thing, ideas. He’s a fast thinker producing quality ideas around topics that range from the serious to the silly. His knack for championing a good idea and trying to make it great has always been my favorite trait of his. Like a restless dog hunting an elusive fox, when he picks up a scent he leaves no stone unturned. That’s made him quite successful and a pioneer of not only ideas, BUT entire industries. Doug recently took me to Puffy’s Tavern, a sandwich shop I bashfully say, never made it on my radar. Check out what he had to say about fish, learning to cook and being a NYC fan on the jump.

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