Hayground school chefs dinner

Dinner | Charity

Hayground Chef’s Dinner

Dinner, food science, your favorite chefs and helping kids. We should end this post right there. There won’t be a better sentence than that in the rest of this post. Despite that not even being a full sentence, we’ll fill you in a bit more. Jeff Salaway was one of the founders of Hayground school and he passed in 2001. His friends and family carried on his mission which is best summed up in the following quote. Jeff believed, “The growing, preparation and sharing of food is a primal human experience and the foundation of family and community.” Sounds a lot like what we’re always talking up. No wonder we were enamored by this event and the work the Hayground School is doing with kids. Although a seat at Hayground Chef’s Dinner is a steep one, it couldn’t benefit a more important cause. Teach a kid to fish Jesus once said. Or, was that Tom Colicchio? Either way, invaluable skills. Sunday, July 31st at 6pm in Southhold, New York.

pig and swig 2016

Experience | Festival

Pig and Swig 2016

It was 20 years ago now we first sampled Kansas City, Missouri (don’t be confused with Kansas Kansas) at a little roadside joint named LC’s. From the moment one of their burnt ends hit my tongue they were on my map for life. No doubt the barbecue mecca birthed a fest that marries both the BBQ favorite beverages to one crazy slow cooked meat festival. Touting the best bourbons and beers Missouri has to offer, the Pig and Swig is three hours of afternoon, stomach debouchery. While you indulge in your destruction you’ll have some feeding music compliments of the festival and local radio stations. Need some exercise between chow downs? Lawn games will also, appropriately, be on hand. I’d imagine later in the day that just turns into a bourbon-beer fueled slapstick comedy show. Fun all around. Saturday July 30th from 3-6pm in Kansas City, Missouri.

5 boro pizza challenge

Experience | Competition

Five Boro Pizza Challenge

Transportation Alternatives, NYC’s biggest advocate of human powered travel, has a brilliant idea they packaged into a “challenge” summoning our most inner competitor. The goal of the Five Boro Pizza Challenge is to conquer Greenwich Village through pizza slices, our favorite of all quick hit street food. Once you’ve made all your stops the challenge culminates with an after party where, just like in kindergarten, everyone is a winner. What’s more fun that eating 5 pieces of pizza with a bunch of active, pizza loving NYers? Really, what’s better? Yeah, thought so. Saturday, July 30 at 11AM in New York City.

food illustration workshop

Class | Creative

Food Illustration Workshop

You made that awesome veggie dish last weekend. Then there was the grilled onions and veal. Don’t forget about those apple sauce cupcakes you baked for your vegan friends 30th birthday party. The Brooklyn Brainery is bringing illustrator Malou Zuidema in to show us all how to make a more permanent version of our favorite recipes. In their 2-hour Food Illustration Workshop you’ll learn technics to make your yummies on a page with a myriad of mediums. Malou believes that playfulness is what creating art is all about. The event is more “for fun” than for “technique” but you will learn a ton in the process. The hope is simply that you leave with something that you didn’t know you could create before. Wednesday, August 10th from 5:30-7:30pm in Brooklyn.

Experience | Festival

Brooklyn Brewery Pop-Up and Book Signing

This is a book signing with beer, amongst other delectables. If you read yesterday’s post you already know about Ina Yalof’s Food and the City interviews. No where is more appropriate than Spanish Harlem to sign a book based on what “real” New Yorkers think about food and their passion for working with it, in it, on it and for it. Aside from that, Brooklyn Brewery is serving dishes paired with beer, dishes made with beer and…well…beer for drinking. Add to that it’s in Vendy Plaza and you’ve just booked your Sunday afternoon solid. Sunday, July 24 at 2pm – 4pm in Manhattan.

food and the city book

Culture | Books

Food and the City Book

With the every exploding foodie craze devouring New York, a book like Ina Yalof ’s Food and the City is a peephole into the minds of those on the front lines. Cutting through the clutter of food tweets, Instagram gasto-sensational pics and verbose bloggers (present company included) Ina interviews New York’s pro chefs, restaurateurs, line cooks, street vendors, and purveyors getting to the root of their passion for their daily grind. In a lot of ways, this will reground us all to why we care so much about this newly crowned food lifestyle popularity in the first place.

blue q bbq socks

Design | Fashion

Blue Q BBQ Socks

It’s summer. You are, or should be, on the grill every weekend if not every single night. What’s a guy (or gal) to do with such an over zealous summer cooking ritual you might ask. Step 1 is to make fast friends with your butcher. Step 2 is to get some Blue Q BBQ Socks. Roll up those pants and throw on a pair of flip flops for max exposure. These socks say, “Not only am I grilling up some tasty craziness, but I’m a little crazy myslef.” We encourage you to mbrace that. At least until Labor Day.

Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man T-Shirt

Design | Fashion

Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man T-Shirt

In honor of the Ghostbusters reboot that opened this weekend, we bring you this hilarious design by David Staffell. Who doesn’t love the Stay Puffed finally from the original? Hear there’s a nice cameo in the reboot, which brought in $46 Million over the weekend. Love the move for a full lady cast. We’ve always been big Ghostbuster fans, sorry. Ok, back to the T-Shirt, Officially named “Something Strange, In Your Beverage…” David’s idea to put all that mascot man’s sweet goodness into a giant cup of hot chocolate makes our post winter sledding mouths water. Weird to say in the middle of a July heat wave but we can still dream.

Fourth Creek Food's Sweet Red Pepper Relish

Food | Pantry

Fourth Creek Food’s Sweet Red Pepper Relish

I didn’t even know that sweet pepper relish was a thing when I dropped a sample spoon of the luscious condiment on my tongue. After 3 hours walking the aisles of the massive Fancy Food Show, you get a little tasted out. By that point, you are not expecting to taste something that excites you the way this did. As my tastebuds transmitted the sweet and spicy to my brain, Andrew Schiavetti, founder of Fourth Creek Food Co., smiled widely as if to say, “I’ve been seeing reactions like this all day.” On second bite, I knew I was hooked. “What is this?” I asked as if it came from another planet. Ready with the answer, the rep, explained in detail but all I heard was “amazing”. The story I missed, because my brain was focusing on taste, was one of those my-mom-made-this-awesome-so-we-jarred-it-for-your-pleasure type stories. The best part is their whole line is this good and I am subsequently addicted to bruschetta made solely of their products. Thanks mom Fourth Creek.

Brain Food

Conference | New York

Brainfood 2016

If you’re thinking about a life in the blue hot food industry, which now means a lot more than chef or waitress, Saturday’s Brainfood is for you. Topics include Food Marketing(a biased favorite), How Social Media Changed the Way we Eat, The Food Entrepreneurship Hustle, How to Make a Job For Yourself in Food and a full afternoon of cleverly named sessions. The speaker line up is just as rich with representation from Plated, Munchies, Edible, and of course, the organizers, Spoon University.The whole thing closes with an unfiltered session with the iconic founder of Barbuto, Jonathan Waxman in a session aptly named Restaurant Life. Saturday, July 16 from 10AM to 5PM in NYC.

mellow yellow

Drink | Non-Alcoholic

Mellow Yellow Citrus Soda

We don’t really condone soda. It might be one of the worst offensive product types created by us humans. That said, there is a time and a place. For us that was when we were 14 year old BMX rats who spent most of our free time riding fast and jumping off curved stationary objects. aka – We burnt more glycogen than a space shuttle launch. Since those pre-teen days, we’ve cut the soda imbibing down to the random Mexican coke paired with an animal style In and Out burger. But, the nostalgic ring of a Mellow Yellow jingle can still get conjured up pretty fast, especially when you see a move like this. Over the years Mellow Yellow, Coca Cola’s answer to the popularity of Mountain Dew, has gone through it’s iterations of can designs. Initially targeting the post 70’s hippies and then into 80’s surfers. Finally it settled in with a few iterations for the skate and X-games crews of the 90’s and early oughts. The juice hasn’t changed BUT this post was never about that. The new brand graphics are a huge departure from their history. The move puts them squarely into the energy drink line up (although no new energy added). We love the graphics. We love the “MY” double entendre. We can’t say we love the inner contents but sometimes our excitement isn’t just based on taste.

The Hunt for Dr. Klaw

Screening | Action

The Hunt for Dr. Klaw TV

This post is a bit different from our usual events. It’s not only near and dear to our hearts and ‘hood BUT it’s an event, inside a game, inside a TV show, LIVE. Mouthful right? Mouth of seafood, if you back Ben’s Hunt for Dr. Klaw. TV project. Those of you who don’t remember the Underground Lobster Pound or Ben’s Hook, Line and Dinner – Read up. He does a fantastic job explaining the project and how to get involved over on Kickstarter. Check it out and join in the salt water adventure. See you on the Periscope show.

masala mama
masala mama

Food | Pantry

Masala Mama Simmer Sauce

I love Indian food almost as much as Italian food. The difference in cooking them couldn’t be further from each other. Italian cooking usually includes three main ingredients cooked together for a short period of time. Indian cooking is the exact opposite. The husband and wife team behind Masala Mama Simmer Sauce decided to jar up their Calcutta food education to combat this very problem. Creating Indian sauces from scratch takes a long time. Many times, two full days. They have successfully captured three of the most popular sauces of India. Vindaloo, Tikka Masala and Goan Curry. That’s three quarters of the cooking. The taste passed my mother-in-law test to round out this A+ recommendation. Now you can have butter chicken on Tuesday. Uhh, and probably lunch on Wednesday too.

Wilder Horseradish Mustard

Food | Pantry

Wilder Horseradish Mustard

I was drawn in by their packaging and hooked by Isabel Freed’s California vibes. I didn’t even need to taste the mustard selection but I’m glad I did. Horseradish has the tendency to blow out your mouth. Most of the condiments containing this potent root are strong enough to make your sandwich all spread, overshadowing everything else except maybe the bread. The difference with Wilder Horseradish Mustard is that it’s as mellow as a california drive up the coast. In food speak, that’s referred to as balanced. Which makes a huge difference when you want to taste all those carefully chosen layers of your Saturday afternoon hoagie. If the sting of horseradish isn’t your game they also produce a classic mustard and a honey jalapeño version. Both of of them complete with the same California vibes mixed through each jar.