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72 Hours in Maine

It’s a bit ridiculous that I’ve been living on the east coast of the United States for almost four decades and I have not explored the coastal towns of Maine. The legendary fresh Maine lobster lobster pounds are only part of why I decided to make this solo drive up to the pine tree...

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Forked with Ricky Montalvo

  Ricky might have more stamps in his passport than I do. An intrepid documentarian and traveller, Ricky sees life frame by frame. We met back at Yahoo! and have been friends ever since. His brand of story fits perfectly with my desire to tell them. Through the years he’s made visual...

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A 94 year celebration

  Last Saturday grandma turned 94. In celebration of all those years we gathered in Port St. Lucie and celebrated both her birthday and a sort of Christmas “Observed”. This year we’ll be staying in New York so we had to double up on the seven fishes and Christmas day roast....

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Bronx Tale Dinner

You talkin’ to me? The season 4 opener of REEL TASTY was quite the oasis of an evening. It may have taken us a while to get going this year but we kicked off with a bang. The night itself was an unexpected 84 degree evening complete with a slight breeze. Sandwiched between two blistering hot weeks...

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Lobster 7 Ways

This story is all about the challenge to out do last years dinner. Before we get into that there are a few things I’ll quickly clear up so you’re up to speed. Italian Christmas Eve is traditionally referred to as “The Feast of the Seven Fishes”. To understand the history of...

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Best Deal In Town

I recently have taken another contract and I am currently sailing in New England going from Boston to Montreal. Not the most exciting route when it comes to food but I am sure I will encounter a few surprises. My first surprise and my last port in the U.S. before heading into Nova Scotia was in Bar...

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Super Bowl Funday

Besides being the most watched sports day of the year in the US my parents wanted to come in for brunch. Normally I am all for this but being that I new I was going to eat mounds and mounds of food later, the idea of having a large brunch was off-putting to say the least. Of course I bucked up when...

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Lobsters VS. People

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house every creature was stirring except a mouse. We just finished a feast made up of copious amounts of seafood, cheese, olive oil and vino. Not that I am surprised. This happens every year. Italian families have this Christmas Eve tradition...