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Miss Worcester Diner • Worcester

Today marks the final weekend of the Brimfield Festival, a gigantic antique sale in the Massachusetts town it’s named for. Check out what’s happening  now via Barb’s Insta. Last year on our trek to this mecca we were fortunate enough to stumble upon the Miss Worcester Diner. Run by...

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A moment in Philadelphia

Memory is an odd thing. Mix taste that with and you’ll get some really strange stories. If you ask me, these are some of the best memories to have but then again I write this blog. What would you expect? The bite you see above was the very last thing I ate on a recent visit to Talula’s...

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Double Cut Brunch

When I say this was a long time, and talk, coming. I am not kidding. I was in Santa Barbera for my great friends’ wedding. The night I arrived in town I needed some tasty. I was with my work wife Jen, who most of you know. We walked the main drag in SB looking for the right spot. As we passed...

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Super Bowl Funday

Besides being the most watched sports day of the year in the US my parents wanted to come in for brunch. Normally I am all for this but being that I new I was going to eat mounds and mounds of food later, the idea of having a large brunch was off-putting to say the least. Of course I bucked up when...