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Oak Bottle

As cocktail trends get oakier and smokier mixologists are always  looking for new tricks to enhance the taste and the theater of their work. Gone are the oohs and lick lipping ahhs of Tom Cruise flipping bottles. On a recent trip to Milan I had a bartender smoke infuse my Old Fashioned right in front of me. The guys at Oak Bottle are bringing some of that mixology magic to your dinner party or, just your daily post work unwinder sips. The idea was born from the technic of using smaller barrels to “age” wine faster. Taking that a step farther, Oak Bottle aims to age whatever you’d like to put in it. Consider it super small batch.

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Alphabet Ice Cube Tray

I saw this in a London Design Museum. I didn’t think you could actually make ice much better than it is but I was wrong. The clever peeps at SUCK UK not only made these from silicone for easy cube removal but also did a much appreciated minimalistic package design.