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a night in by ADA

A Night In by Adá Supper Club

Adá Supper Club has created A Night In to bring a bit of restaurant ambiance into your dining room and living room. If those are the same for you, as is with many of us NYers, we got you. Each meal is prepared by one of their hand-picked chefs comes with a playlist to complement the smells and tastes inside your box as well as some plating instructions to truly amp up that restaurant feel. For years we converted an apartment into a full restaurant, although it was a ton of work, the magic was real. This promises that same magic with a far lighter lift, plus the chefs are top-notch. Picked from the best black and female culinary crafters in New York today, your box experience will come as close as possible to Adá’s in-person culinary feasts. Chef Kia Damon, Chef Nana Wilmot and Chef Stikxz produced some of the most recent dinners all under different themes like “Land of Wood & Water” or “The Love That I Knead”. We love this touch. As fans of fully immersive experiences, the details are the difference. Currently, there’s a waitlist. We recommend getting in the cue asap.
Frankies “Cook the Book” Club

Frankie’s Sputino brings us together to cook their cookbook

Most Italian meals we make from memory. Burned into our brains as kids between our grandmother and mother making dinner each night. The magic of Sundays and holidays always brought new dishes across our plates. When we do need help one of the books we reach for is The Frankies Spuntino Kitchen Companion & Cooking Manual. It’s simple, classic and filled with stories. Just the way we like it. Now, the Franks have introduced a little of that childhood cooking feels back into our lives with their Frankies “Cook the Book” Club. Each month you get 3 dishes to feed 4-6 guests. Curated and pre-prepared by the Frankies team the accompanying instructions guarantee a perfect meal and a bolstered kitchen confidence. Think, Radish Salad with Parsley, and Red-Wine Braised Short Ribs with Rosemary & Fennel. You just need to do a little finishing. Just enough to make you feel accomplished. If you are a fan up plus ups, The two Franks provide a scratch for that itch too. A proper wine pairing or a bottle of Frankies’ Olive Oil is easy to include in your box. As a bonus, the club comes with 10% off all in-store purchases at the Frankies Pantry, their mini-alimentari. First access to events, collaborations, and new membership offerings, like their Provisions Box.

RESY's Yurt Villages

Winter dining in RESY’s Yurt Villages

It’s getting cold. It’s getting dark. And, we’re all wondering what this shift to winter is going to do to our new found love of outdoor dining. Enter RESY’s Yurt Villages, a pop up restaurant city at your favorite restaurants around the country. We assume they will be heated because, well, they are yurts and its freezing. American Express card members had access for the last two days but today it opens to everyone at 11am so grab a spot before they’re gone. New Yorker’s will see some of their favs like Lilia and Crown Shy yurting it up. In DC, Fiola. In Philly. ZahavKann in Portland and Canlis in Seattle rep the pacific northwest. By now you must be envisioning that glamping spot you could never secure on airbnb BUT this reservation food is included. So lace up your redwings, grab your best made axe and head down to the yurt village for a night in the round. Second though, leave the axe at home.

Kraken Perfect Storm Dinner

Kraken’s Perfect Storm Dinner

Kraken Rum decided to serve dinner during a Caribbean storm that they created from scratch. Outlandish experiences that also resonate with the core of a brand are few and far between in the days of color museums and monochrome candy galleries. When I was a kid my parents orchestrated a Halloween/Birthday party that might have sparked my love of experiences. (My Birthday is end of October) The crescendo peaked with a “ghost story” that included a full-blown storm. My dad recorded the shower running and then played it back through his speaker system. He used a piece of sheet metal to simulate thunder and his Nikon flash popped every few seconds to create lightening. All this while my mom told the ghost story dressed as a witch. I will never forget this as long as I live. Those details make a huge difference and turn something simple into a remarkable moment. Kraken had a bigger budget than my parents in bringing their storm to life. We think eating inside their dark storm is going to be epic. When we say dark we actually mean black. The darkness rain show that kicks off the evening gives up a little when you reach the storm’s eye, then dinner is served…all black. Nori rolls, squid ink linguini and black garlic gnocchi accompany their iconic black octopus. The storm only lasts a few nights so Londoners grab your seats before they ship off. Sorry, a sailing pun was inevitable. July 12th and 13th in Charing Cross, London.
Backyard chef series

Franks’ Backyard Chef Series III

I love a good backyard party. The fact is, I have not been throwing nearly enough of them in the past few years ever since my Brooklyn deck turned into a Queens backyard. That is not to place blame as much as it is to publicly say I am bringing them back this summer. If you don’t get an invite or if you prefer the professional chef version of this American past time, I have great news but it’s unfortunately not directions to my house. The two Franks, yes those Frankie Spuntino legacy guys, have just announced their 3rd annual backyard chef series. For those of you who live under a rock (aka. Deep Queens or the Upper West Side) Frank and Frank did some remodeling last year. They closed Prime Meats, their German steak house, and converted it into Franks. Confusing I know. Their reinvented spot is split between a wine bar and a trattoria. They also expanded the Frankie’s Spuntino dining room which allows for a new and improved backyard scene. All this means that this years line up has some new space and some new ingredients, or accouterments, to play with. The guest chefs include some of my favs like Angie Rito from Don Angie’s and Greg Baxtrom of Olmsted. A few out-of-towners are in the mix like the talented Kristian Baumann from Copenhagen’s Restaurant 108. The best part of all this is the entire evening is communal. From the welcome drinks to the long dining table you’ll make new friends at, things will get intimate. The spots at the table will fill up fast so make sure you pick a chef and grab up some seats before your only option is a useless attempt at a remake in your friend backyard alley, a $6.99 Walmart mini- bricket bbq and a 6-pack of canned rose. May 15th thru September 25th in Brooklyn.

bon appetit hot ten party

Bon Appétit Hot Ten Party

Every year the editors at Bon Appetit compile their top 10 restaurants in America. Then they hold a grand ol’ chef and food insider party celebrating their list. If rubbing elbows with the Foodie elite is your thing or you just like the idea of eating the best food in America, according to one of those aforementioned tastemakers, then the Bon Appétit Hot 10 Party is totally your scene. Snapping up a tier 1 ticket gets you unlimited food and drinks which is a great start BUT if you’re attending you might as well really go big. The VIP package gives you a special entrance (no queuing), early access to all the food, some mingling time with the chefs so you can drop that sous vide story you’ve been dying to use and a special Hot 10 alumni restaurant in addition to the 2018 team. That should hold you over with stories when commanding your next dinner party. If you just want to party and forget the food (which we’re not sure why you’d choose that) a quick $25 bucks gets you into the after party. October 17th at 6:30 in Brooklyn, NY.

pasta flyer dinner series

Pasta Flyer Supper Series

If we stand for anything, it’s dinner. The more special the more better. When we discovered Mark Ladner, pasta making magician of Del Posto and Lupa fame, was celebrating his one year anniversary of his fast-casual Pasta Flyer with a supper series we we’re psyched to say the least. An already high-rotation, week day, post-workout, dinner for us because of the incredible value Mark and team bring to the literal table…Secret best meatballs in city, secret great wines by the glass…he’s crafted this dinner series with some of his best chef friends. From the likes of Mario Carbone to Maialino’s Nick Anderer to Barbara Lynch (who has the best oyster bar in Boston amongst her food dynasty) the menu creations are bound to be off the chain. We’re not sure what we’re most excited about. Two Italian’s in the same kitchen or a food storyteller augmenting the current Pasta Flyer menu. It looks like this was a Resy and Applestone collab too. Props to them as we recently were swooned by the 24/7 butcher. Tickets will undoubtedly go quick so make a move briskly. September 26th through November 7th in NYC.

the lost supper

McKittrick Hotel’s The Last Supper

We’ve loved the McKittrick Hotel since our first sneak peek before the fames Sleep No More ever performed once. The Punchdrunk team has now opened up The Attic and invited us to  The Last Supper, a surreal time warp back to the 1960’s that boasts a hypnotic experience. Knowing this theater companies flair for the eerily awesome, there’s no doubt this night will be a head spinner you will remember for a solid decade. A few early reviews are available but leave a lot to the imagination. Our advice is not to click and be completely surprised by the journey that lies up in the attic. The dinner only runs until July 21st so you have to grab tickets as soon as you can. Don’t forget to wear your mid-century best or summon your inner Don Draper. Dressing the part always makes for more immersive fun. Now through August 4th in NYC.

the future of protein

The Future of Protein Dinner

We’ve got a little inside baseball on this one. Without spilling the beans too much, just know, the chefs behind this one have been friends of FTHQ for almost a decade. No big reveal BUT we can confidently say this, the Future of Protein Dinner is a must attend dinner. First off, who doesn’t like to time travel. Second, doing it with your tongue sounds far better than that antiquated phone booth Roofus had Bill and Ted ride. 80’s movie jokes aside, this experience spans three centuries of protein edibles. That’s meat for you culinarily challenged folks. Meat in it’s loosest sense, of course. You’ll learn, and taste, from where we started “meating”, trapping and hunting our food. On the other side, you’ll explore advanced cooking options through insect and plant based “meat” making. I know I’m psyched to get my grub on. Maybe literally. Tuesday, June 28 from 7 to 11PM @ MOFAD in Brooklyn. 

NYC Burger Week 2016

NYC Burger Week 2016

You read that right. An entire week dedicated to the all-american favorite food indulgence. To be honest, we had no idea this existed. We completely missed the memo for 2015. Not the case for NYC Burger Week 2016. The line up screams for a clogged artery by hump day. If we make it through the whole week you can find us forging Lipitor prescriptions at Duane Reade. Don’t blame us. With nights like Black Iron Burger’s Burger and Beer Civil War AND The Beer Culture Boozy Burger Brunch how are you not going to be sitting at the next table with a half glass of booze and ketchup smeared in the corners of your mouth? May 1-7 @ various location in NYC.

babbo barolo dinner

Vintage Babbo Barolo Dinner

CONTERNO VS. CONTERNO sounds more like a 1920’s boxing match in which two brothers face off in a makeshift ring above a Bensonhurst red sauce joint. It’s not, but it is the next best thing. Batali’s highly knowledgable and uber hospitable caporegimes take you on a tongue punch for tongue punch of masterly cared fro Nebbiolo grapes. The berry that makes world famous, highly discussed barolo. In 1961 brothers Aldo and Giovanni Conterno, sons of one of the best barolo makers, disagreed on their wine making philosophy. The feud that followed created two of the best wines on earth. At this 7-course dinner paired with the vintages, you get to ring the bell and call the winner. Monday, April 25th @ 5:30 to 11:15PM in NYC.

SubCulture Dining

SubCulture Dining’s Pork Store Harlem

We can’t figure that much out about SubCulture Dining’s Pork Store Harlem except that it will be driven by Chef Russell Jackson, include 3 courses and NOT be in Harlem. Chef Russell is know mainstream for his appearance on Food Network’s Next Food Network Star competition. We love him because he’s cut from the same apron as us. Community, Food and experimentation drives his subculture dining events and he earns his rightful place amongst the underground dining grandmother sand grandfathers…uhhem. We’re excited for this east coast gathering and hoping there’s some rhubarb for old time sake ;). Monday, April 11 @ 6:00PM in NYC.

Guild of Cookery
Guild of Cookery

Guild of Cookery

You know how much we love film and TV inspired dinners. Graham Bellefeuille and Ty Cox are cut from the same cloth. They created Guild of Cookery based on the medieval meals you’d find in Game of Thrones. Sans blood, gore and beheadings of course. They honed their craft in some of the best kitchens in SF. Most notable, for us, Foreign Cinema. A place that inspired our supperclub. Given the impending new Game of Thrones season, we’re betting tickets will go quick.

The Blind Pig Supperclub

The Blind Pig Supperclub

The Blind Pig Supper Club has been doing it since 2011. Doing what requires more words than I have available right now. These pictures encapsulate their mission and events. What we love is that they share our same ethos. The idea of meeting new people and becoming friends is tied into everyone of their erratically themed evenings.