Forked with Brendan Colthurst

Thu, Sep 24, 2009 by

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PIE WITH-Brendon Colthurst

A cheeseburger at Old Town Bar with Brendan Colthurst was an excellent way for me to spend a Tuesday lunch. Brendan and I worked on a project together last year involving an elevator, a Gogel Bordello song and a bunch of days in a tiny edit suite. Brendon is part of the awesome trifactor that runs Disposable Television, a creative production company creating innovative and hilarious video content. Brendan also used to be a developer, so we got a little geek and social marketing talk in during lunch. Brendan is rocking the burly these days. That should serve him well as we go into winter and let’s not forget about SantaCon. Nice work Brendan.

What we ate

Brendan:Cheeseburger with baked potato/Sierra Nevada
J: Hamburger and fries/Sierra Nevada

What is this P.I.E. WITH Series?

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  1. […] my friend May. Of course they are also the other two thirds of Disposable Television along with Brendan. Seems I have had a lot of disposable face time in the last 3 weeks. Low and behold they both know […]

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