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Glass Tomato Ornament

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Glass Tomato Ornament

Food and Christmas go hand in hand. With the current slobbering over all things edible, it’s no wonder the food ornament game has stepped up to the plate and started hitting homers. No better place to snap up one of these winners than Terrain, the Urban Outfitters folks take on outdoor stuff. This Glass Tomato Ornament is one of our favs because it’s a building block of many recipes and a beautifully simple summer fruit we rarely get to see in winter. Hanging off our tree we want to puree them up and make a red sauce for our raviolo but that would make for a disaster. Obviously, made for memories, there glass vegetable line is meant to remind us how good the real thing is and wait for summer. That’s cool, we’re asking for heirloom seed for Christmas.

donut socks

Design | Fashion

Sukeno Doughnut Socks

Donuts have seem to take over the food world momentarily. Perhaps its the unbridled holiday eating that’s pumped up the nostalgic hole sweet treat. Peter Pan was just named best donut shop in NYC. That’s a nod to the ways of old over the newer artisanal makers. Point is, we can’t get enough of donuts…apparently. Lines outside of Dough. Cream filling fountains at Doughnut Dolly. Even politically correct examples at Federal Donuts. It makes sense that we’d want to wear them on our feet if we could. Now, for better or worse, we can. Sukeno Doughnut Socks will provide you this thrill. Even better when you get dressed each morning it will appear the donut fairy left you a secret fresh batch. Have fun with this. What’s next Munchkin gloves. Just sayin’.

french toast prints

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French Toast Prints

To lighten up this week a little, we’ve discovered @murcer and her texture enhanced, food pattern, illustrations. You an read deeping into why I chose fluff and and ice Cream split from the myriad of quirky designs she has up on @frenchtoastprints IG account. Click over. Stare into the food illustrated abyss for 5 minutes Skip her latest two illustrations and and keep your mind off the politics. You can email her for prints. Just check her profile.

ice cream for president

Design | Fashion

Phin and Phebes Pints of Positivity

We are huge fans of Phin and Phebes ice cream. Not such big fans of this election. WTF. It’s like Mark Burnett was put in charge of running things. Ice cream has always made everything better. Nobody knows that better than these ladies. Partnering with Madewell, they took a stand and started the Phin and Phebes Pints of Positivity campaign. Show your colors. Join the movement. Wear some schwag with pride. Ohh, and don’t really vote ice cream. Please vote for one of the primary candidates we don’t need any more skewed election drama on poll day.


Design | Art

Felted Food Friends by Hanna Dovhan

Crafting should be renamed. The term conjures images of grandma’s knitting ornaments and hoarding bottle caps for a new macrame frame idea. Well, thanks to ETSY and Renegade the definition needs to be reworked. In fact, let’s just call these people what they are, artists. Case in point is what Ukrainian artist Hanna Dovhan does with felt. Themed after our own stomach, her Felted Food Friends Series is most possibly the cutest collection of non-edibles we’ve seen this year. They sell out quick so get dibbs while you can.


Design | Graphics

Charted Cheese Wheel Poster

I’m of the philosophy that if you’re not lucky enough to be currently eating cheese, you may as well as be thinking about the next cheese you’re going to eat — a little advance preparation never hurt anyone, right? And if you’re spending your time thinking about the next cheese you’re going to eat, then it better be something more exciting than your weekly ration of chèvre from the grocery store. (Although I do love you, weekly ration of goat cheese from the grocery store.) What better way to think about the next cheese you’re going to eat than with a handy and oh-so-pretty visual guide? Enter the Charted Cheese Wheel, this cheese-shaped cheese chart of the 65 best pressed curds of milk from around the world is for both the established and aspirational experts among us. Not seeing some of your faves? (I’m looking at you, époisses). The chart’s tiny drawings, color coding, and category breakdown will help you expand your aged milk horizons. I, for one, am going to shake up my weekly dairy run with some new varieties of goat cheese. I wonder if my grocery store carries pantysgawn? (Trust me, just click the link).

forever21 food wrist watch

Design | Fashion

Food Wrist Watch

We’ve always admired Forever 21 for their super fast to market, on trend, dirt cheap clothing and accessories. This line of craveable Food Wrist Watches calls for a time out. We, of course, would opt for the center image so that it’s always pizza time o’clock in our dough filled, tomato sauce world. Although, donut time is also not a bad alarm to wake too. Enough of the time jokes. Go ahead and scarf these up online but it’s much more fun to go into a store and try them all on, trust us.

goldierox burger locket

Design | Fashion

Burger Locket Pendant

Good food is like gold to us. When we happened upon GoldieRox’s mash-up of these two coveted items we knew we had to share. Roxanne Rajcoomar, as she’s more formally know in the world of precious gems, made a move few people have the guts and self-awareness to call their life. After reaching the 1% in the precious jewels knowledge game, she jumped ship to feed her soul. That food just happened to be food. It’s no wonder the output from her world eating tour, getting back to her love of food, netted this Burger Locket Pendant and an equally awesome French Fry necklace. I think her old job and refound love make quite the happy meal. Judging by the package from the UK on my coffee table @MissusTasty feels the same.

blue q bbq socks

Design | Fashion

Blue Q BBQ Socks

It’s summer. You are, or should be, on the grill every weekend if not every single night. What’s a guy (or gal) to do with such an over zealous summer cooking ritual you might ask. Step 1 is to make fast friends with your butcher. Step 2 is to get some Blue Q BBQ Socks. Roll up those pants and throw on a pair of flip flops for max exposure. These socks say, “Not only am I grilling up some tasty craziness, but I’m a little crazy myslef.” We encourage you to mbrace that. At least until Labor Day.

Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man T-Shirt

Design | Fashion

Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man T-Shirt

In honor of the Ghostbusters reboot that opened this weekend, we bring you this hilarious design by David Staffell. Who doesn’t love the Stay Puffed finally from the original? Hear there’s a nice cameo in the reboot, which brought in $46 Million over the weekend. Love the move for a full lady cast. We’ve always been big Ghostbuster fans, sorry. Ok, back to the T-Shirt, Officially named “Something Strange, In Your Beverage…” David’s idea to put all that mascot man’s sweet goodness into a giant cup of hot chocolate makes our post winter sledding mouths water. Weird to say in the middle of a July heat wave but we can still dream.

pizza napkins

Design | Graphics

Pizza Love Party Napkins

Tagging on to yesterdays post, we think these napkins should be mandatory for all slice joints to provide as mouth wipers. We found these Pizza Love Party Napkins in Walmart of all places. There are good things to be found in places you’d never expect, case in point. The genius behind these paper proclamators is a company called, Creative Converting. They make eating extra fun and take parties to a level your five year old, and maybe your 35 year old, will love. Next time you spin up a delivery pie for your Friday night pre-game party, drop these on the table. We promise they will pay off all night.

pizza notebook

Design | Stationary

Pocket Pizza Notebook

These days in Williamsburg’s hipster mecca, a notebook is almost as mandatory as a carabiner of keys clipped to your jet black jeans. Moleskine dominates mindshare with Field Notes and Shinola journals coming in a far second. Gold Teeth Brooklyn decided to smash the foodie and the Brooklynite together by borrowing the big players form factor and creating a food focused series of pocket notebooks. Of the three, the Pizza Notebook reigns our fav. Now every time we go to jot down an ironic, clever idea for a future tweet we’re reminded of one of the greatest food items in the world. Not to mention the one responsible for fueling New Yorker’s through the 80’s and 90’s.

abe froman tshirt

Design | Fashion

Abe Froman Logo T-Shirt

Threadless ran a Ferris Bueller design contest a few weeks back and this Abe Froman Logo T-Shirt was our hands down favorite. We lagged a bit in posting this and the purchasable site is now no where to be found. Everything seemed to be on a super limited time offer. None-the-less we though you needed to know about this gem. We did find the designers website and the buy link below will take you to his Threadless entry page. Maybe we can coax them to do a reprint.

Teagan White's Trash Squirrel Pin

Design | Fashion

Trash Squirrel Pin

You know we have a soft spot for pizza at FTHQ. Teagan White’s “Trash Squirrel” Pin reverberated through the office after Missus Tasty found this rodent gem. Teagan has a whole series of critters doing people like things. Most of it illustrated paint on paper. That’s why this is a rare gem and probably sold out by now. There’s something about a squirrel with a slice that just screams NYC to us. Maybe given that a pizza slice is the perfect quick hit and NYers tend to move like squirrels through the streets. Either way it’s a great addition to a lapel as you hustle from meeting to meeting wrestling your fellow citizens and hunger pangs.

vans pizza slipon

Design | Fashion

Vans Pizza Slip-ons

I’ve been wearing Vans since I was 11. The resurgence of this brand into the mainstream made me smile something fierce. Then they went and did the unthinkable. Marry the classic slip on to a classic slice. If they say you can’t have your pie and wear it too, this just changed the rules. Vans Pizza Slip-ons are perfect for that midnight run to that randomly named pizza joint down the block. (if you live in NYC anyway). I bet you can get it to the point where all you have to do is point to your feet and Mike will dish you up a hot one.