Literal IceCream Sandwich

Gelato Sandwich

As the name implies, somehow, the vision is off. Maybe it’s Americanized. Maybe it’s just not right. Either way the idea of an ice cream sandwich usual includes a top and bottom made of chocolate or, at the very least, two cookies. In a very intriguing twist we have started to see a bunch of ice cream sandwiches on menus that hold true to what we more commonly think of when making a sandwich. In this case, L’Art del Gelato uses a fresh brioche bun. A trip to Italy is planned for December so we’ll attempt to trace this back to it’s roots. In the mean time, we’d suggest you stay away. For us it tasted like really amazing ice cream crammed onto an old bun. The “bread” and the ice cream just didn’t mix right. This left us a bit sad. Sad because the gelato is amazing and we wasted that by commingling it with a lost piece of brioche. Perhaps it is lost in translation and the roman version will blow our minds and tongues. For now stick with the handmade cones unless you feel like switching up your normal lunch sandwich for the unexpected dairy disaster pictured above. Please don’t let this become a trend.

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  1. M Lucia Says:

    Somewhere in Southwest Italy (Amalfi, I think), I had an “ice cream sandwich” for breakfast – it was a freshly made brioche bun with lemon sherbet/sorbet. Although unusual, it worked. The picture above does not look appealing. Perhaps the fruit aspect is necessary.

  2. J. Says:

    Perhaps you are right. The fruit might be the critical ingredient. Although, my brother liked his in Sicily. See for yourself


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