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I Chew With My Mouth Open

I learned it from my grandfather. Of course, he did it in 7 different languages including original Latin and the occasional Portuguese. It’s been a while since we looked back at the roots of this blog. Taking a closer peek, the reasons why we started it and the reason why we continue to do it...

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Winning Family BBQ

It’s nice to be family. That’s how Mike Mills started our conversation. Let’s back up a bit before we get to the swine. Just over a year ago I met Amy Mills, Mike’s daughter, down in Memphis at a talk she was giving about BBQ. Amy knows more about BBQ than anyone I know. A...

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Ancient Temple In Borobudur

The ship organized a tour for the crew to go and see an ancient temple in Borobudur, Indonesia. It was truly amazing. It is super old and has all kinds of carvings all around this temple. It was a rainy day but it held up until we were done with the temple. Then it started to rain hard. We needed to...