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Spago • Las Vegas

Chef Puck is arguably the guy who started Californian cuisine but don’t let Alice Waters hear ya say that. Seems as though SoCal and NorCal have more in the way of rivalries than just sports. Let’s argue that another day. One thing is fact, Puck took his Austrian roots and mother’s...

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Eating Las Vegas

Sinning and loving it. This is a hard one to write. By know means will this even scratch the surface of what you can eat in Vegas. These days it’s a veritable who’s who of celebrity chef establishments competing for the attention of tourists rich and budget conscious. This trip had me locked...

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Otto in Vegas

With 5 hours left in Vegas I made one more restaurant stop. This time at the Venetian to Enoteca San Marco one of three Mario Batali restaurants. This one was great. It had virtually the same menu as OTTO in NY. Although, it sits in the fake St. Marks square, so it feels like you are sitting in a...

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War on Smorgasbord

To see the above weapon in action click here. To see it in slow mo, click here. Although it sounds like it could be part of the former Soviet block, the New World Buffet, could not be farther from a cold war remnant. Billed as the largest buffet in Las Vegas, The World Buffet sits inside the Rio...