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dirty coast crawfish recipe tshirt

Design | Fashion

Crawfish Boil T-Shirt

We are Arial font fanatics. This meme, trend…what ever it is…speaks to us every time we see it. Last week in New Orleans we discovered the perfect rendition. The Crawfish Boil T-Shirt turns the typical equation version of this trend into a recipe. It made us stop and think just how simple great food is. I suppose this also helps if there’s too much pre-boil partying and you forget the next step. Either way, pinch and suck while you wait for this to arrive in the mail.

dirty coast poboy poster

Design | Graphics

Po-Boy Poster

Dirty Coast is one of our favorite New Orleans shops. Dedicated to all things NOLA, the Po-Boy Poster ranks as one of our favorites. We love deconstructions. We flip out over exploded views. We think sandwiches are a food group. I don’t think this needs more explanation but this 12.5 X 14.5, french paper, Po-Boy Poster gives the newbee a crash course in components and construction. If you decide to give this as a gift please be sure to explain what “dressed” means and insist that if ordered “dressed” is mandatory.

mac to my cheese card

Design | Greetings Cards

Mac to My Cheese Card

My mom just had a way of mixing the powdered cheese with the hot butter and then coaxing them to cling to the boiled elbow noodles patiently waiting in her stainless steel Sears farberware sauce pan. No matter what your relationship to cheese and macaroni they are an undeniably inseparably pair. These days the fanciest of childhood treats can run up into the triple digits when paired with foie gras, caviar or gold flakes. Under the most glamorous of cloaks the working mans duo is still about one thing which is illustrated perfectly in this Mac to My Cheese Card. Some things are meant to be together and stay together. Much like the comfort of Mac and cheese, this card can be there for the recipient (or you) when your mom can’t. We know it’s not the same but it’s better than nothing.

cardamom coffee soap

Design | Packaging

Mission Grove Cardamom Coffee Soap

If I handed you a steak scented sponge you’d probably think I was pining for a role in True Blood. That’s why Mission Grove Cardamom Coffee Soap makes sure their blend of scents makes for the perfect clean, fresh, olfactory delight instead of a vampire induced, midnight frenzy. Mission Grove makes other scents but this South Indian and caffeine combination scratches two of our continual itches, love of the subcontinent and our habitual morning cup of comfort.

tough pizza tshirt

Design | Fashion

Pizza Battle T-Shirt

This week we tuned into Marc Maron interviewing Michael Rappaport. The conversation started with city pizza preferences. The topic popped because they both now live in LA but Maron spent years in NYC and Rappaport was born and bread on straight 80’s hip-hop culture. Pizza is a cultural thing as much as it’s a quick food hit. Even though they netted out thinking the war is bunk, since artisanal food culture has made everything really good in most major cities, we still like the idea of drawing a line in the marinara. This Pizza Battle T-Shirt will do just the trick the next time we have to fly to Chicago. Although, you wouldn’t catch me wearing this in Naples. Those guys will take a life for an offense of this magnitude.

Everything Bagel Greeting Card

Design | Greetings Cards

Everything Bagel Greeting Card

Whether you are on the New York team or the Montreal team, we can all get behind an everything. Maybe not your first choice at the counter but certainly the most magical dough pun we’ve seen this month. Fish Cake Studios has bakers dozen of food greetings from “just for fun” to “Just Married”. Ohh, and don’t worry about them running out on a Sunday morning.