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Blue Smoke • Manhattan

Dropping into Blue Smoke has become like visiting an old friends house. Besides Danny’s unique brand of hospitality and the frequency I’ve visited in the last decade, the place has a smell. You know that friend you had who’s house has had a unique smell? Maybe it was what detergent...

‘Wich Hunting: Episode 4

Souptown – Orderville, Utah A random stop on state road 89 on the back side of Zion national park. What a find! About ‘Wich Hunting: Anthony and I have travelled the world eating everything from Balut in the Philippines to blood sausage in Argentina. In every destination there has...

Eat | Lunch

21 course tasting menu Goomba style

I am probably the last person in New York to have tasted some of the Torrisi mini-empire’s treats. As of a few weeks ago that’s no longer the case. Plus, I entered the “I’ve had it” club in a way that puts me in the small category of those who’ve enjoyed their 21...

Eat | Home Cooking

Making Mom Happy

It seems that in recent years my mother has acquired quite the penchant for Osso Buco, the Italian peasant food that is now a top priced menu item. If you as her she will tell you she has always loved it. Regardless, If a restaurant has it on the menu we are there. It doesn’t matter what the...