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Dersy Bar and Restaurant • Agonda

If you are reading this the day it was posted I am in India. This is NOT what I ate today but what I ate back in 2009 on a day I let India make my itinerary for me. I chose to post this REHEATED today to accent my return to this wonderful country for a very special reason. I am here to participate...

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Back to the Future Dinner

all photos by Kun Kim Doc, this is heavy! It was over two months ago now that the Deloreon and MJF blessed the deck with their 80’s epic time travel tale. Let’s blame it on a rip in the time space continuum that caused us to delay this recap for so long. Truth is we wanted to highlight some of...

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I Made It To Africa

Forking Tasty – Bagatelle – Tunisia, Africa from Anthony Anello on Vimeo. After all the places I have visited I never once set foot in Africa. Well, that changed last week when we went to Tunisia. A couple buddies and I rented a cab for the day to have us go check out the sites but that...

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More Pretty Fish

You never get to play with your sushi in the restaurant so I thought I’d have a little fun at my coffee table in between some Travel Channel show about the Grand Canyon. Keeping with the pescatarian diet, I only ate chicken twice yesterday. Really this post is about the pretty picture of a...

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Pretty Fish Regimen

For some reason I like to make my fish pretty. Inspired by Immaculate Infatuation’s cleanse I decided to take a deeper look into my calorie consumption over the next two weeks. A happy little app called “Lose It” is keeping track of what I eat and how I exercise. My stomach told my...

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Simple Thursday Evening

Sometimes the quick, mid-week meals turn out to taste the best and look even better. Those who know me well might miss the days of my grand presentations. I used to design the plate with as much intensity as I would cook the dish. A drizzle of sauce around the rim of the plate, a quick sprinkle of...