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brooklyn grange fireworks

Brooklyn Grange Fourth of July

Everyone wants to be in the perfect spot to see those fire works. Trouble is, everyone wants to be in the perfect spot to see those fire works. The trick has always been to get up high in a place that is not obvious or accessible by the general public. If you can drag along some beer and good food, you just hit July 4th nirvana. That’s why Brooklyn Grange Fourth of July might be the best ticket in town. No dragging of food or drink, limited number of people get access AND, it might be the best view of the fireworks short of being on the Grucci Brother barge. These tix will go fast. July 4th from 7-10pm in Queens, NYC.

the future of protein

The Future of Protein Dinner

We’ve got a little inside baseball on this one. Without spilling the beans too much, just know, the chefs behind this one have been friends of FTHQ for almost a decade. No big reveal BUT we can confidently say this, the Future of Protein Dinner is a must attend dinner. First off, who doesn’t like to time travel. Second, doing it with your tongue sounds far better than that antiquated phone booth Roofus had Bill and Ted ride. 80’s movie jokes aside, this experience spans three centuries of protein edibles. That’s meat for you culinarily challenged folks. Meat in it’s loosest sense, of course. You’ll learn, and taste, from where we started “meating”, trapping and hunting our food. On the other side, you’ll explore advanced cooking options through insect and plant based “meat” making. I know I’m psyched to get my grub on. Maybe literally. Tuesday, June 28 from 7 to 11PM @ MOFAD in Brooklyn. 

Arthur avenue food tour

Arthur Avenue Food Tour

Walking around Arthur Avenue feels a little like a throwback to the days of my grandfather. Just off the boat from Italy, adapting to the “new” city by finding ways to make mozzarella and salami in these new urban conditions. We walk the shops and visit Mike’s Deli at least every quarter year BUT we rarely have more than our Italian roots to tell us the story of the streets we stroll. We wish we had Bronx resident and food aficionado with us on our visits. The 92st. Y’s Arthur Avenue Food Tour grants that wish. Susan will accompany you to her favorite spots while explaining some history of the neighborhood, Italian-American immigration and the food production. Saturday, June 18 @ 11am – 1:30pm. Meeting spot TBA.

NYC Burger Week 2016

NYC Burger Week 2016

You read that right. An entire week dedicated to the all-american favorite food indulgence. To be honest, we had no idea this existed. We completely missed the memo for 2015. Not the case for NYC Burger Week 2016. The line up screams for a clogged artery by hump day. If we make it through the whole week you can find us forging Lipitor prescriptions at Duane Reade. Don’t blame us. With nights like Black Iron Burger’s Burger and Beer Civil War AND The Beer Culture Boozy Burger Brunch how are you not going to be sitting at the next table with a half glass of booze and ketchup smeared in the corners of your mouth? May 1-7 @ various location in NYC.

collectivo felix 2016

Collective Felix Supperclub 2016

Every year one of the grandfathers of the supperclub movement leaves Buenes Aires for the US. When they land, Collectivo Felix complete a multi-city tour popping up dinners in some of the best know pop-ups in the states. One of those stops is always at The Whisk and Ladle. We can’t say enough about these two Gastro-awesome friends so all we’ll say is, get a ticket. The evening will be amazing with every sip and bite BUT more special, you’ll be hosted by one of the originators of the movement in one of the original spaces that supperclubs were reborn. April 30th @ 7pm in Brooklyn.

babbo barolo dinner

Vintage Babbo Barolo Dinner

CONTERNO VS. CONTERNO sounds more like a 1920’s boxing match in which two brothers face off in a makeshift ring above a Bensonhurst red sauce joint. It’s not, but it is the next best thing. Batali’s highly knowledgable and uber hospitable caporegimes take you on a tongue punch for tongue punch of masterly cared fro Nebbiolo grapes. The berry that makes world famous, highly discussed barolo. In 1961 brothers Aldo and Giovanni Conterno, sons of one of the best barolo makers, disagreed on their wine making philosophy. The feud that followed created two of the best wines on earth. At this 7-course dinner paired with the vintages, you get to ring the bell and call the winner. Monday, April 25th @ 5:30 to 11:15PM in NYC.

SubCulture Dining

SubCulture Dining’s Pork Store Harlem

We can’t figure that much out about SubCulture Dining’s Pork Store Harlem except that it will be driven by Chef Russell Jackson, include 3 courses and NOT be in Harlem. Chef Russell is know mainstream for his appearance on Food Network’s Next Food Network Star competition. We love him because he’s cut from the same apron as us. Community, Food and experimentation drives his subculture dining events and he earns his rightful place amongst the underground dining grandmother sand grandfathers…uhhem. We’re excited for this east coast gathering and hoping there’s some rhubarb for old time sake ;). Monday, April 11 @ 6:00PM in NYC.

Guild of Cookery
Guild of Cookery

Guild of Cookery

You know how much we love film and TV inspired dinners. Graham Bellefeuille and Ty Cox are cut from the same cloth. They created Guild of Cookery based on the medieval meals you’d find in Game of Thrones. Sans blood, gore and beheadings of course. They honed their craft in some of the best kitchens in SF. Most notable, for us, Foreign Cinema. A place that inspired our supperclub. Given the impending new Game of Thrones season, we’re betting tickets will go quick.

The Blind Pig Supperclub

The Blind Pig Supperclub

The Blind Pig Supper Club has been doing it since 2011. Doing what requires more words than I have available right now. These pictures encapsulate their mission and events. What we love is that they share our same ethos. The idea of meeting new people and becoming friends is tied into everyone of their erratically themed evenings.