This site is all about tasty. As my brother and I live, explore and travel we are never that far from our next meal. Although, the center of this website is what we eat, tasty doesn’t just reside in the food. As part of a huge Italian family, our life has always revolved around eating. One important lesson in our upbringing was that the food is only part of what makes eating an amazing experience. Who sits around the table, how the food was made, where the food came from and how it made us feel are all equally important parts of any meal.

Now, as adults, we are on a mission to bring back family dinnertime. To that end, our monthly events hope to replicate that ambiance and excitement for our friends in the neighborhood. As we work and play, food helps us explore the earth, meet new people and tackle new challenges. Through these experiences we get closer to this elusive dinnertime we seek so badly. This website is where we capture and share these experiences with our family and friends. Whether it is a 15 course Christmas dinner or a quick roadside taco in Mexico, we hope to share the love and excitement our food generates with you.

Now, that’s all a bit deep but I think you feel where we are coming from. Follow along and drop us a line at hello@forkingtasty.com if you’ve got something to say or you just want to say hi. If you are one of those born digital people find our socialness here. Below is a bit more about Ant and I that will, hopefully, give you more insight into how and why we tick.

First Time here?

If it’s your first time visiting we listed a few of our favorite stories and projects below to get you started. If you’ve been here a bunch and are just getting around to dig deeper into who the Bros. Tasty really are, scroll below to see a bit more about both Ant and myself.

Supper Club: Our suppers are an ever-changing experiment in creativity, both culinarily and experientially. Some take place on a secret 60-foot deck under the glow of a huge movie screen. Other evenings pop-up in a commandeered restaurant for just one night. No matter where it pops up we always have one constant, bring back the lost practice of dinnertime.

Forked With: 50% of our whole blog is about the people we eat with. This project focuses on them rather than the food. From heads of companies to homeless people, we’ve broke bread with an international mix of people from all walks of life.

City Guides: A mini-travel itinerary focused around food and augmented with hotels, shops and coolness. Think “NYTimes 72 hours in” or “Tony Bourdain’s Layover” style.

‘WichHunting: My bros and I hunting down the best sandwiches in the country.

Ant’s favorite posts: They include stepping foot in Africa, his favorite spot to mangia in Alaska and Chinese food in…well…China.

Jason Anello (J.)

Jason Anello

I am the kid who got his paper ripped up at the end of math class in 5th grade because I drew a cartoon instead of solving algebra equations. This creative thing, mixed with my passion for the new, has propelled me through my life landing me in some interesting jobs, countries, situations and meals.

Currently I lead a double life. By day I run a black-ops marketing agency called Manifold. I am constantly inventing new campaigns that merge the real world and digital world around unique and unforgettable experiences for a myriad of clients. By night I recount my food explorations from the places I’ve travel and the people I’ve met.  Ohh yeah, and I sort of run a restaurant from my back yard once a month too. Sometimes these worlds overlap. That makes me smile.

Work doesn’t consume all my time. I still make plenty of time to indulge my other passions. Obviously, I like cooking. So we can move off that. I carry a camera all the time. Sometimes film. Sometimes digital. I ride bikes a lot. Ever since I dropped the training wheels, at age 5, the bike has been my vehicle to new places. Although, new places consisted of my block until I was 7 because my parents wouldn’t let me ride off the sidewalk. I am a little bit of a behavior science fan (read: people watcher). I live in NYC so that comes with the territory but I take it a little further. I blame my grandfather. He was a talker, in 7 languages, in fact. I didn’t get those genes. I am still struggling to learn Italian.

Both sides of my life help me to live a daily adventure. Part of that adventure is asking “What and where will my next meal be?”. As long as I am asking that question, I will always have a new story and experience.That is what makes me wake up in the morning.


Anthony Anello (Ant)


I grew up as the chubby kid who never wanted to take his shirt off in the pool. Eventually, I grew out of the chubby part, but my love for food never went away. As was implied above, our whole family enjoys getting our hands a bit dirty in the kitchen if that means we will have a KILLER meal in the end. So, over the years I have learned a thing or two about food and how to prepare it.

About 5 years ago I had a set back in my love for food. I was diagnosed with Diabetes. One can imagine how devastated I was to know I could no longer eat like I had in the past 31 years of my life. With in a year I had educated myself enough about Diabetes that I could still eat what I wanted, I just have to be smart about it.

I have worked in many different industries in New York but, believe it or not, I never worked in the food industry. I have worked at advertising firms and at Yahoo!, like my brother, but I decided to leave it all last year to work on a cruise ship that travels the world (Traveling being my 2nd favorite passion). I teach classes on the ship about digital photography (my 3rd passion) on behalf of Microsoft.

My grandmother once told me I should travel while I’m young and experience different cultures, foods, and beauty that the world has to offer. I have finally been able to combine my life passions by waking up every day somewhere new, taking tons of pictures, working with cameras , and eating different cuisines all over the world. Ahhh… Life is good.

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