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ketchup condiment gun

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Condiment Gun

Youz talking to me? is what you say at your next picnic when asked to pass the ketchup. How do you not want a condiment gun? There’s not much about this one that needs explanation. Just make sure you keep it holstered when the kids are around.

Freezy Dream Land of Nod

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Freezy Dream Treats

There is nothing we like more than a felt bomb pop except, maybe, a real bomb pop. Even though the 1980’s term for the best ice cream man treat of all time is not politically correct anymore, we still love Land of Nod‘s whimsical take on the rolling ice cream truck treat selection. Felt or not, these 100% wool delectables might just get a test lick if put in the wrong hands. That would be our hands. A great gift for your kids to start prepping their entrepreneurial spirit. Who knows next summer they might invent the next Chipwich.