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Plus a Beer For the Kitchen

A year ago this week we dropped a bright blue firetruck in the middle of Austin and ordered the entire menu at Odd Duck. Which, as you’ll understand after you scroll through the food porn below, quickly jumped to number 1 on the “Must-Eat-While-in-Austin” list. So, as this...

Eat | Dinner

Random Lamb

A couple weeks ago I was in Austin. You may have heard. In between my BBQ adventures and a trip out to a crepe trailer I had the pleasure of dining on some lamb parts with a crew of true gents. An impromptu “boys night” that well deserves its own post. This post, however, will focus on...

I’m Flippin’ Happy

When someone tells you they are taking you to the outskirts of town to a parking lot where great food is made in an old airstream trailer, YOU JUST GO. My friend Brad did just this on my recent trip to Austin. As the story goes, two friends wanted to start making crepes and well…the vid will...