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Flour+Water • San Francisco

The way I finally ate at the famed, Steve Jobs snubbed, San Fran, rustic jewel of Italian restaurants was not the norm. The reservation is as hard as they come and in this hyper active restaurant scene city that says a lot. I got in by going big and sometimes that’s what needs to be done....

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Spago • Las Vegas

Chef Puck is arguably the guy who started Californian cuisine but don’t let Alice Waters hear ya say that. Seems as though SoCal and NorCal have more in the way of rivalries than just sports. Let’s argue that another day. One thing is fact, Puck took his Austrian roots and mother’s...

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Bread and Water

Sometimes bread and water is all you need. Ok, perform the water-to-wine trick and now we’re set. The simple things are often the most rewarding. At a recent trip to Flour+Water (which I will post about in more detail later) I was reminded of this simple fact. It inspires my personal cooking...

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Pasta Touring

I realized I’ve had quite a few great bowls of pasta lately. I thought I’d take a moment and share some of the best in this quickie food porn post. I’ll try and do more of these as I turn my Instagram obsession back towards this blog. That damn app is like candy rigatoni. You just...

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21 course tasting menu Goomba style

I am probably the last person in New York to have tasted some of the Torrisi mini-empire’s treats. As of a few weeks ago that’s no longer the case. Plus, I entered the “I’ve had it” club in a way that puts me in the small category of those who’ve enjoyed their 21...