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Yes Way Jose

There’s two things that are important in this story. One is my lack of travel, and therefore eating, in the middle east. Second, my man crush on Jose Andres due to his gusto and passion in everything he does. Let’s tackle these one-by-one. The middle east, a region that is highly...

European Fiesta

For three months this summer I was cruising through the Mediterranean experiencing life in Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, France and Monaco. I’m sure you have caught a couple of my posts while I was there. I could have done a lot more posts but there was so much food I encountered...

Eat | Dinner

Into the Fold

My last good meal in SF this past trip was a treat. The food was delicious but the company made this meal. I was honored to be brought to La Mediterranee by my good friends Ricky and Britt. Their 10 plus year relationship had many Friday nights in this spot and they were now folding me into the La...