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Christmas Meat Pie

  This Christmas is our first in 12 years that we’ll be in New York. Christmas “observed” was a success but nothing beats the real thing. We’ll miss the controlled, gastro, chaos of my Uncle Doug’s kitchen and all the characters that go along with it but I am...

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Le Severo • Paris

Steak tartare is a must have when in Paris. In fact, you need to try it at least twice just to make sure you fully grasp the uncooked ground steak, raw egg experience. It’s not for everybody which is why this post isn’t about the steak at all. This post is about the best fries I had the...

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Costco is my new butcher

Not really but I tell you the way they cut their short ribs makes for an amazing grilled steak. They are so tender all they need is a little salt and pepper. The other night I paired it with some orchiette and beat greens. The greens were another REEL TASTY leftover simply dressed with really good...

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Ostrich Looks Like Steak

We entered New Caledonia in Noumea. It was overcast and more of a city than a beach town. We were all excited to get to a beach after hitting a lot of ports that had cooler temperature. We were starting to get board and frustrated with the town because there was nothing to do. We found a restaurant...

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R.U.B.bed Out

In preparation for my weekend in Memphis, and to satiate Bennett’s craving for USA BBQ, we had some supper at R.U.B. I jumped on the meat plate (above pic). I augmented a delicious plate of pastrami, brisket and pulled pork with a quarter rack of St. Louis style ribs. Slaw and greens for good...