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72 Hours in Maine

It’s a bit ridiculous that I’ve been living on the east coast of the United States for almost four decades and I have not explored the coastal towns of Maine. The legendary fresh Maine lobster lobster pounds are only part of why I decided to make this solo drive up to the pine tree...

Lobster Roll Anyone??

Forking Tasty – Side Street Cafe – Bar Harbor from Anthony Anello on Vimeo. The Side Street Café is a nice family restaurant that is just off the main strip in Bar Harbor Maine. They have a rockin Lobster Roll. I found it one day trying to explore around the town. Each week after the...

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Best Deal In Town

I recently have taken another contract and I am currently sailing in New England going from Boston to Montreal. Not the most exciting route when it comes to food but I am sure I will encounter a few surprises. My first surprise and my last port in the U.S. before heading into Nova Scotia was in Bar...