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Danica Studios Mushroom Pochette

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Mushroom Pouch

Mushrooms and pouches can’t be passed up if I’m hunting with Missus Tasty. One of our must hits when in Montreal is V de V. Their home good curation is unmatched. With eyes locked on Danica Studios Mushroom Pochette there was no turning back. Perfect for your art pens or makeup kit, this pouch will keep everythig safe while adding some whimsy to the inner lining of your purse of pack. At least that’s what the ladies say.

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The Lid Bib

Ever since I can remember I have been staining myself. My mother has always been quick to point this out. Thanks Ma. From the grass stained knees on my school clothes to the red Italian gravy stain on my confirmation tie to the brown coffee stain on the cuff of my new, white dress shirt, she catches them all. Hello, Lid Bib. Technically a reshaped paper towel with a strategically placed hole in it. The Lid Bib is not the most low profile solution to a drippy coffee cup but, based on the number of used Starbuck’s napkins I find in my coat pocket, an effective one.