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Battle of the Burger

Time Out New York’s Battle of the Burger

We’ve covered burgers on FT as much as we possible can. We love them. Ant and I battle burgers vs pizza as the greatest food ever created. In this post. he wins. Time Out Magazine has decided there needed to be a thing called Battle of the Burger. For a slightly steeper than we expected, $50 you get a ticket. That battle ticket does unlock a lot of burger magic. 20 of the cities best burger patty’s, complimentary Budweiser (full disclosure, seems like Bud paid for this whole thing) and entertainment by the 80’s cartoon named, Go Go Gadjet. If you break that $50 bill down, you’re looking at $1 beers and $2 burgers and that’s actually the best ticket in town. Thursday, August 18th at 5:00 pm in Manhattan.

pig and swig 2016

Pig and Swig 2016

It was 20 years ago now we first sampled Kansas City, Missouri (don’t be confused with Kansas Kansas) at a little roadside joint named LC’s. From the moment one of their burnt ends hit my tongue they were on my map for life. No doubt the barbecue mecca birthed a fest that marries both the BBQ favorite beverages to one crazy slow cooked meat festival. Touting the best bourbons and beers Missouri has to offer, the Pig and Swig is three hours of afternoon, stomach debouchery. While you indulge in your destruction you’ll have some feeding music compliments of the festival and local radio stations. Need some exercise between chow downs? Lawn games will also, appropriately, be on hand. I’d imagine later in the day that just turns into a bourbon-beer fueled slapstick comedy show. Fun all around. Saturday July 30th from 3-6pm in Kansas City, Missouri.

5 boro pizza challenge

Five Boro Pizza Challenge

Transportation Alternatives, NYC’s biggest advocate of human powered travel, has a brilliant idea they packaged into a “challenge” summoning our most inner competitor. The goal of the Five Boro Pizza Challenge is to conquer Greenwich Village through pizza slices, our favorite of all quick hit street food. Once you’ve made all your stops the challenge culminates with an after party where, just like in kindergarten, everyone is a winner. What’s more fun that eating 5 pieces of pizza with a bunch of active, pizza loving NYers? Really, what’s better? Yeah, thought so. Saturday, July 30 at 11AM in New York City.

Brooklyn Brewery Pop-Up and Book Signing

This is a book signing with beer, amongst other delectables. If you read yesterday’s post you already know about Ina Yalof’s Food and the City interviews. No where is more appropriate than Spanish Harlem to sign a book based on what “real” New Yorkers think about food and their passion for working with it, in it, on it and for it. Aside from that, Brooklyn Brewery is serving dishes paired with beer, dishes made with beer and…well…beer for drinking. Add to that it’s in Vendy Plaza and you’ve just booked your Sunday afternoon solid. Sunday, July 24 at 2pm – 4pm in Manhattan.

good beer

Good Beer by Edible Manhattan

Almost 50 beer brands dropped into the sun drenched atrium at the newly renovated 180 Maiden Lane can’t be a bad way to spend a Thursday. Add some food pairing from the likes of heavy’s such as Gramercy Tavern and Les Trois Petits Cochons and you’ve got the makings for the first time you realized Thursday night was the new Saturday night. Good Beer by Edible Manhattan has got your last weekend in July weekend starter covered. July 28 at 6-9PM in Manhattan.

nathans hot dog eating contest

Nathan’s 2016 Hot Dog Eating Contest

You’ve heard the names Joey Chesnut and Kobayashi for years. Their world series is pounding down hot dogs in the bottom of the BK on July 4th for Nathan’s 2016 Hot Dog Eating Contest. You should go watch it. It looks something like the above just live and in crazy motion. I promise you’ve never seen people eat food this fast. I’d suggest getting yourself a dog prior to the madness because after you see how they dip and slurp those poor wieners you might be of mind to skip the Nathan’s famous. Good news is, there is plenty more to do down in Coney Island pre and post eat off. Make a day. Hang old school Brooklyn style. 12 noon on July 4th in Brooklyn.


The Great Montréal PoutineFest

Hey Americano! You may know these as Disco Fries. Just know the best late night cheese fry and brown gravy throwdown you’ve ever had can’t hold a candle to a proper Canadian poutine. It’s all about the curds. Double that up with old town Montreal, one of the prettiest of North American city waterfronts, and you’re two goals to a hat trick. (It’s hockey country. Yes, even in the summer) That third goal can be scored in two ways. The best strip clubs north of the Dade County line (not recommended) or a post poutine cocktail crawl up Boulevard St. Laurent to the Plateau. Whatever your evening entails, be certain The Great Montréal PoutineFest will blow your taste buds into a Nova Scotian Noreaster and prime your belly for an evening of mixologist guided, gastro-debouchery. June 29th – July 3rd in Montreal.

big apple bbq

Big Apple Barbecue Block Party

You know our BBQ history runs deep. This event is at the root of our ‘Que know how. On a rainy Saturday in 2002, I bumped into a guy named Danny while poking around 27th street. I asked him where all this barbecue came from and I quickly learned the far reaches of the expertise that was in front on me. Fourteen years later, Mr. Meyer and the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party is much more than a block, the crowd is far more than a few New Yorkers biting their way down a gramercy park street and a New York restauranteur with an idea to share the world of BBQ with his neighbors. So big in fact there’s some new options like fast pass and VIP that will get pork to your lips faster than you can snort at the crowd you just bypassed. June 11-12 from 11am to 6pm in NYC.

Craft Beer and Hot Dog Showdown

Craft Beer and Hot Dog Showdown

No ideas what you’re doing in for the middle day of Memorial Day Weekend. Look no further. What’s more memorial than a hotdog show down with beer? That’s totally rhetorical. Frankly we’re not sure why you are even still reading this. Go get tickets. Now. Buy one for your friend who will inevitably call you Sunday morning, lost, asking what to do. You really are a deliberator. Fine. Craft Beer and Hot Dog Showdown tickets include unlimited eating of gourmet hot dog creations, voting rights, free entry to the food fest after party and guaranteed belly full of yummy. Sneak peek of the dogs on the tickets page. Sunday, May 29th from 12:00 to 4:30 in NYC.

Taste Of Tribeca 2016

Taste Of Tribeca

Eat to help kids. That sounds like a win win right? With Bouley, Bubby’s, Duane Park Patisserie, Gigino Trattoria, The Odeon, Tribeca Grill, and Walker’s on the docket the decision to attend really isn’t that tough. Taste of Tribeca was founded 20+ years ago to benefit PS 150 and PS 234 and has expanded since then to benefit even more kids. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a neighbor in the triangle below canal, this event is the perfect way to feel comfortable, full of tasty and help kids get smart. Saturday, May 21 in NYC from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM.

Essex Street Market Block Party

Essex Street Market Block Party

It’s hard to imagine what Essex Street looked like 76 years ago given the modern, melange of current architecture, boutiques and posh players drapping the concrete beat. The gold pineapple doesn’t help this reverie. I’m not sure this matters much except the fact that there is some history to this party. 76 years to be precise. The Essex Street Market is celebrating its 76 years with a true neighborhood throwdown. The whole ‘hoods in on it. Ice & Vice are even dropping a specialty flavor. If you are the historic type, Turnstile Tours has you covered. Just don’t get all tenement hood on us. Saturday, May 21 from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM in NYC

harlem eatup

Harlem EatUp! Festival 2016

Year two of the Harlem Eatup is set to blow year one out of the proverbial special sauce. Broken up into dinners, main stage and grand tasting events then sprinkled with names you love like Flay, Emeril and Waxman, there’s something for ever foodie style. Plus, your in Harlem USA (as they say). Historic, reborn and ground zero for so many cultural transformations, and now food, just being up on the 125th is exciting. Make a day and a night of it. Go hungry and with your party shoes on. You just might end up on stage at the Apollo. You know you have it in ya. May 18-22 in Harlem, NYC.

sunfest pairings 2016

SunFest Pairings

SunFest is a great excuse to spend 5 days hanging on the West Palm Beach Gold coast. Besides a line up with The Roots, Meghan Trainer and Steve Aoki (that barely does the lineup justice) the whole mini-week ends with a fireworks blowout over the inter coastal. The best part of all of this is you can break up day 2 with a food bonanza featuring some of WPB’s best culinary artists. SunFest Pairings is in it’s 5th year and is a bit like a bar crawl for food. The best kind of crawl in our book. Thursday, May 26th from 5:30-9pm in West Palm Beach, Florida.

nyc hot sauce expo

NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2016

For the fourth year in a row their will be more capscium concentrated in North Brooklyn than any where else on earth. With names like Naga Morich, Madame Jeanette, Dorset Naga, Bhut Jolokia and Moruga Scorpion, you might think it’s a South American ex-con reunion. The NYC Hot Sauce Expo burns their home into Greenpoint for two days this weekend with representation from India to Africa to Trinidad with sauces highlighting the hottest of the hot. With events like the Torch Bearers Gacumole Eating Contest and Defcon Sauces Chicken Wing Eating Competition, there is something for everyone. Even if you’re not a hot sauce enthusiast you can come down and watch people compete to burn their face and insides to win a pepper topped trophy. April 23rd and 24th from 10am-6pm in Brooklyn.

sandon spring fair 2016

Sandon Spring Fair

Set in the incredible and manicured 50-acre gardens of this English country estate you’d be hard pressed to find a better setting then Sandon Spring Fair for a food and craft weekend in April. Of course there might be some travel involved. Just 45 minutes out of London (7h 45min from NYC) the grounds transform into a global street food cornucopia and a craft market featuring artisans from all over the isle. If a reprieve is necessary, afternoon tea is quintessentially available inside the majestic, 162 year old hall itself. While inside make sure to explore a little and enjoy the beauty of the building but be careful the Harrowby family still operates part of it as their home.

brunch bash

Village Voice Brunch Eats

There’s been a lot of breakfast for dinner this year and it’s only March. Building on the success of Choice Eats, the Village Voice peeps bring us Brunch Eats. As you’d expect, breakfast is prepared one evening by 20+ top restaurants and bakeries. Your ticket gets you a taste of all of them as well as breakfast cocktails and music. Note on the cocktails, since breakfast IS at dinner time, the 2 mimosa rule is lifted allowing you to indulge as if it was dinner time. Wait…it is dinner. If it’s anything like Choice Eats this will sell out. Snap your tickets up quick. May 11th from 8pm-10pm @ the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in NYC.