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Harlem EatUp Ate

Beating the crowds is hard in NYC. Just when you think you have the inside line, the back door or the loop hole figured out you’re usually met with hundreds of other NYers who figured it out too. Not the case with my latest plan of attack for the first annual Harlem EatUp. Truth be told this...

New Digs Din

Tim and Marisa invited me up to their new place in Harlem on Thursday. I was very excited to see their place because they had recently moved from the tiniest studio in Chelsea, where they lived together for 8 years, into a sprawling 2 bedroom in SoHa. (South Harlem for those not up to date with...

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Journey to 131st Street

Last Friday we took the journey up to Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem. My Uncle had bought my brother and I two gift certificates to the Upstate New York based BBQ joint and we wasted no time using them. It was a cold night but the idea of those super tasty wings kept us warm on the short walk from the...