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I Due Fratellini • Florence

There are few places that have inspired me like this miniature sandwich shop in Florence. This little hole in the wall, literally, serves up simple sammies on the freshest bread as well as offers a huge selection of wines by the glass. Here I knocked back a sopressata and ricotta, maybe the Best...

‘Wich Hunting: Pilot Episode

While in Italy I realized that there’s a lot happening around the world between two slices of bread. Anthony and I have travelled the world eating everything from Balut in the Philippines to blood sausage in Argentina. In every destination there has always been a sandwich shop. Some were good...

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Florence Fast Food

You know what good salumi looks like and if you don’t you clearly don’t read Forking Tasty enough. I’ll proceed with my assumption being correct. That explains my choice to show the shop the salumi came from instead of the thinly slices, perfectly aged, fat and spiced filled pork...

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You Macaroon!

Macaroons are not Italian but maccarone is. Like many things French, macaroons inspiration came from the Italians. This post isn’t sparking a debate about the inception of modern cuisine although read “Food In History“, then let’s talk. My intro was simply a snarky preface to...