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food film festival 2017

Food Film Festival

In it’s 11th year the Food Film Festival never disappoints us. It’s not just because we get to eat and watch at the same time but because the films are always stellar both in story and production value. The idea that food pairs with movies just warms our hearts in way that only an ex-Dinema Supperclub runner could love the Food Porn Party, sorta just like it sounds. October 19th-22nd in NYC.

food film fest 2016

Food Film Fest

Is it just me, or is watching foodie films and TV shows part pleasure, part torture? All those drool-worthy dishes trapped behind a screen with nonstop chatter about their prep, taste, and texture is enough food foreplay to make a person go crazy with desire. It’s all talk, no action, and I’ll be honest, in my case, it’s led to more than one unnecessary takeout order that I’ve been less than proud of the morning after. But, this month, the NYC Food Film Fest’s going to let us taste what we see with a four-day roster of indie food films paired with their starring cast of culinary characters. Tickets include movie showings, after-party access, and, of course, scrumptious sustenance served up by some of the world’s best chefs. So go forth and fill up on film-inspired food to your belly’s content. Try not and get used to this perfect pairing. Uber Eats has yet to partner with Bourdain’s Parts Unknown to deliver Vietnamese noodles to your door. October 20 – 23 in NYC.

Film and Food

Film and Food: In Search of Israeli Cuisine

Michael Solomonov (one of our Philly Favs) and Brooklyn icon Saul Bolton share some of their favorite flavors from their favorite part of the world before the screening of In Search of Israeli Cuisine. The taste line up is eleven small-plate dishes. Some of the hits include grilled marinated eggplant with fenugreek tomato chutney, chicken pastilla with cinnamon and almonds, and quinoa, pea, and mint tabbouleh. No need to worry about being parched, Israeli wine, beer, and limonata will be on hand to keep things smooth. May 12th @ 6:15 PM in Brooklyn.

brooklyn farmer screening

Foodstand Food Book & Film Club: The Brooklyn Grange

Foodstand is debuting their Food Book & Film Club which is exciting to begin with. They decided to debut with one of our an old friends and frequent collaborators, Ben Flanner, making this event doubly exciting. The Brooklyn Farmer follows the story of The Brooklyn Grange and their mission to create an urban farm network across New York City. Besides the screening their will be some networking, a Q+A and, of course, food and drink. We’re looking forward to this and FoodStands continued series. Monday, April 25 @ 6:00 PM in Brooklyn