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Orphans’ Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be rough if your family lives far from the hustle we call home. Thankfully there’s tons of alternative families available to belly up next to and enjoy a feast that rivals the family back home. In fact, it might even be better given the family drama is organically removed from the equation. One of our favorites is Greenpoint Beer and Ale’s Orphans’ Thanksgiving. Now in it’s fourth year, a meal and a movie are included with every ticket. A dessert potluck is part of the evening so bring a winner. If that wasn’t enough, $10 from each ticket will be donated to The Greenpoint Soup Kitchen. Thursday, November 24, 5PM – 11PM in Brooklyn.

brooklyn grange fireworks

Brooklyn Grange Fourth of July

Everyone wants to be in the perfect spot to see those fire works. Trouble is, everyone wants to be in the perfect spot to see those fire works. The trick has always been to get up high in a place that is not obvious or accessible by the general public. If you can drag along some beer and good food, you just hit July 4th nirvana. That’s why Brooklyn Grange Fourth of July might be the best ticket in town. No dragging of food or drink, limited number of people get access AND, it might be the best view of the fireworks short of being on the Grucci Brother barge. These tix will go fast. July 4th from 7-10pm in Queens, NYC.