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Havana Film Festival New York

The most impactful journey of my recent travels was meandering through Cuba in 2016 just as the country started opening up it’s doors to mass US travel. The Havana Film Festival New York’s closing film, Cuban Food Stories, touches a nerve and floods back many of those memories. The director, Asori Soto, calls it “a road-trip adventure all around the island to discover the most authentic flavors and stories behind the Cuban cuisine.” With access to remote parts of this culturally rich island nation, Asori goes beyond the cliches, Ropa Viejo and cigars to show us the kind of Cuba Cubans know. Beyond this film, there’s a whole incredible week of programming. In collaboration with Havana’s International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, Havana Film Festival New York showcases Cuba, Latin American,Caribbean and Latino creators and their films in a light that makes for a multi-cultural experience for the Latino culture and more importantly, beyond. In other words, if you like film, this is for you. If you like food and film, closing night is on order. April 6th-17th in NYC. Cuban Food Stories is April 17th at 6:30PM in NYC

food film festival 2017

Food Film Festival

In it’s 11th year the Food Film Festival never disappoints us. It’s not just because we get to eat and watch at the same time but because the films are always stellar both in story and production value. The idea that food pairs with movies just warms our hearts in way that only an ex-Dinema Supperclub runner could love the Food Porn Party, sorta just like it sounds. October 19th-22nd in NYC.

Brooklyn Bazaar Election Viewing Party

Brooklyn Bazaar Election Night Viewing Party

You did it. You pulled closed the curtain, flipped a few old timey feeling switches, stuck an “I voted” sticker on your sweater and now, this most monumental of decisions, is out of your hands. After all the sensationalism, scandals, SNL skits and Twitter fights, you need a place to hunker down and watch as this countries leader is chosen. Of course, you need some snacks and drinks to accompany this evening so you don’t bite your nails off waiting for the electoral votes from the west coast to be tallied. The Brooklyn Bazaar is providing just this with an Election Night Viewing Party. Depending on the out come, and your preference in candidates, you can continue post-decision celebrating and/or crying with booze that will flow into the wee hours. Make sure you stock up your belly with enough of their awesome food options to pad the alcohol typhoon that’s bound to follow. Tuesday, November 8th 7PM – 12PM in Brooklyn.

food film fest 2016

Food Film Fest

Is it just me, or is watching foodie films and TV shows part pleasure, part torture? All those drool-worthy dishes trapped behind a screen with nonstop chatter about their prep, taste, and texture is enough food foreplay to make a person go crazy with desire. It’s all talk, no action, and I’ll be honest, in my case, it’s led to more than one unnecessary takeout order that I’ve been less than proud of the morning after. But, this month, the NYC Food Film Fest’s going to let us taste what we see with a four-day roster of indie food films paired with their starring cast of culinary characters. Tickets include movie showings, after-party access, and, of course, scrumptious sustenance served up by some of the world’s best chefs. So go forth and fill up on film-inspired food to your belly’s content. Try not and get used to this perfect pairing. Uber Eats has yet to partner with Bourdain’s Parts Unknown to deliver Vietnamese noodles to your door. October 20 – 23 in NYC.

The Hunt for Dr. Klaw

The Hunt for Dr. Klaw TV

This post is a bit different from our usual events. It’s not only near and dear to our hearts and ‘hood BUT it’s an event, inside a game, inside a TV show, LIVE. Mouthful right? Mouth of seafood, if you back Ben’s Hunt for Dr. Klaw. TV project. Those of you who don’t remember the Underground Lobster Pound or Ben’s Hook, Line and Dinner – Read up. He does a fantastic job explaining the project and how to get involved over on Kickstarter. Check it out and join in the salt water adventure. See you on the Periscope show.

sausage party movie

Sausage Party Movie

This is a slight departure from our normal STUFF posts but we just couldn’t resist sharing stuff about the stuff we usually post. Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg use their Superbad brains to write this animated film about grocery store products waiting to get purchased. The Sausage Party twist comes when the food realizes the bliss of being bought is actually a gruesome death sentence through us cooking and eating them. Full of F-Bombs and sexual innuendos, as well as animated food gore, this sounds like a rainy Sunday afternoon movie theater move. Don’t forget plenty of CVS candy and the herb of your choice. What? We meant like rosemary.

Film and Food

Film and Food: In Search of Israeli Cuisine

Michael Solomonov (one of our Philly Favs) and Brooklyn icon Saul Bolton share some of their favorite flavors from their favorite part of the world before the screening of In Search of Israeli Cuisine. The taste line up is eleven small-plate dishes. Some of the hits include grilled marinated eggplant with fenugreek tomato chutney, chicken pastilla with cinnamon and almonds, and quinoa, pea, and mint tabbouleh. No need to worry about being parched, Israeli wine, beer, and limonata will be on hand to keep things smooth. May 12th @ 6:15 PM in Brooklyn.

brooklyn farmer screening

Foodstand Food Book & Film Club: The Brooklyn Grange

Foodstand is debuting their Food Book & Film Club which is exciting to begin with. They decided to debut with one of our an old friends and frequent collaborators, Ben Flanner, making this event doubly exciting. The Brooklyn Farmer follows the story of The Brooklyn Grange and their mission to create an urban farm network across New York City. Besides the screening their will be some networking, a Q+A and, of course, food and drink. We’re looking forward to this and FoodStands continued series. Monday, April 25 @ 6:00 PM in Brooklyn