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We know you guys have awesome food experiences just like us. It’s time you let ’em out. We want to unlock those pent up tales of tasty and share them with everyone. How? We’re not 100% sure yet but we know it involves a little eating and a little talking. If you’re interested in sharing your story please fill out the below. Keep it short. We’ll be in touch for your epic stories details. For now just give us the basics in 200 words or less.

For example: Last year in Peru, I ate the best burger of my life in Cusco, of all places, and then I was romanced by the waiter who took me to a house party beyond my wildest dreams. To his chagrin I did not sleep with him but I did spend the rest of the week letting him take me to locals only hot spots. 

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REEL TASTY: Back to the Future

Saturday, August 24th at 7pm. We’re going back…to the future. We realize that doesn’t make much sense but we had to open with it. We love everything about this dinner including the Huey Lewis music we’ll get to use at various points in the evening. Ant and I love this movie. In fact the entire trilogy was in heavy rotation until the mid 90’s at the Anello’s house. Besides the amazing story, epic-joke-per-second, MJF prime on screen magic, we’ll draw from the entire trilogy to craft this menu. Expect some 1985 dishes and some 1955 throwbacks but we’re thinkin’ we might blast you into 2015 and dip you even further back to the wild west of 1885. What that means exactly…we have not completely figured out but we’re working on it.

Expect a menu of enchantment under the sea, the word that makes Marty lose his cool and some inside jokes translated to menu items. We’ll augment that with some of our favorite dishes from the decades that the movie is set in. 2015 will be tough, but we’ll try. Ant and I hope you can join us for what will be a multi-decade adventure not only into our childhood but into the childhood of our predecessors.

REEL TASTY: Vicki Cristina Barcelona

Saturday, July 27th at 7pm. Toro to Tapas. Our next dinner has tons of inspiration packed into every moment and morsel. From the menu to the movie to the table we’ve got this Catalonian thing down. Inspiration is drawn heavily from Missus Tasty and my journey through Spain last December. We ate our way through Barcelona for almost a week before surrendering to the jamon gods. Ant’s frequent ports of call in Barcelona make it one of his many second homes. He’s got snack spots in town that locals don’t even know exist. In short, we can eat our way from Barcelonetta to Park Guell without missing a beat. Now, we’re turning that knowledge and excitement into a multi-course evening under the stars and our big screen.

The movie holds just as special a place in our hearts as Catalonian cuisine does. I admit, my wife has not shot at me (yet) but there is nothing more we love than a spitfire, super gorgeous, mega intelligent woman speaking her mind in inappropriate places. (That might not be completely true) If the food isn’t caliente enough the on screen antics of Maria Elena will certainly fill the void. Mix in the suave Juan Antonio and two American woman looking for adventure, one more than the other, and we’ve got ourselves a supper.

Ant and I hope you can join us for what we promise will be an unforgettable evening with lots of personal stories to accompany the many, many, many (did we say many?) dishes we’ve crafted for this 20 seat ONLY tapas throwdown.


It starts with $275 per pound ham. If that’s not enough to signal a killer menu the food cascade will shower the table with some 15 courses at moment. They are small tapas style courses remember but there will be plenty of bites to fill that stomach twice over. Come hungry. Expect Catalonia traditional staples with our Italian-American twists. As always, a selection of beer and wine will be served along the way from aperitivo to postres.

San Francisco Italian Treat Supper

Saturday, February 9th at 7:00pm. Spice and Forking Tasty unite once again for a one night only, chef’s table, Italian celebration. Drawing from Ben and Jason’s extensive travels through Italy they’ll present a 7-course meal that’s sure to keep you guessing what’s next. Following the traditional style of Italian suppers you’ll work your way through an unexpected series of dishes, flavors and presentation. Drawing on northern, southern and foreign influences the meal will be an over-the-top tour for your tastebuds and emotions alike. We’ll also pair select Italian and Californian wines that match the dinners flavor progression from small to big. This one comes with major bragging right so grab a seat while you can.


The original Kong underneath his favorite building. That’s right, this dinner is on a roof just under the Empire State Building. How fitting for the movies climactic ending. Better yet, we have an amazing 5 course tasting menu prepared. While your tastebuds explore the 5 boroughs you’ll be comfortably seated in this epic movie’s finale location. How can you pass this up? Grab a seat while they last.


Last night we pulled off another successful collaboration with our friends over at Gastronauts. You may remember our last creole/cajun collaboration. This year, the Forking Tasty crew along with my kitchen collaborators from Whisk & Ladle, went in a totally different direction than last time. About four months ago over a few oysters and meticulously crafted cocktails at a popular Williamsburg Brooklyn haunt, we brainstormed an 11 course, plated, all bird menu. Below is the final draft of that session. Stay tuned for a post with a breakdown and picture of each delectable dish.

REEL TASTY: Roman Holiday

From gladiators to Vespas. Here’s the skinny on the fat. Our next dinner is a pure classic. How could you go wrong with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in Italy circa 1953? Rhetorical. You can’t! My grandfather is from a small town just south of Rome named Fondi. No visit to Rome is complete without a stop at the old citrus farm they had down there. Expect a little influence from this little town in the menu. Hopefully the food and the film will inspire you to take your own Roman Holiday soon. There is no line at the vatican in early December. Shhhh.ut and enjoy yourselves with us this summer. See you on the deck.

Bike-In-Theater is back!…almost.

It’s been a while since a post. You may have wondered what we’ve been up to. The above video explains it all but for those of you who can’t bring yourself to watch 3 minutes of fun, bike and food content here’s the skinny.

Last year we threw our first Bike-In-Theater in North Brooklyn on the waterfront. The response was so amazing that we decided to bring it back this year. The twist is that we want to hit as many cities as possible. We’re starting with NY and San Francisco but hope to raise enough money to do a few more.

Yes. I said raise money. See, last year it was self funded and helped to launch the ForkingTasty Suppers season. This year we’ve turned to Kickstarter to help raise the funds to put the proper infrastructure in place and bring even more amazing food to the event. So, to our loyal fans and those of you here for the first time, please help pitch in and make Bike-In-Theater a reality.

REEL TASTY: A Bronx Tale

The Italian-American season begins. Here’s the skinny on the fat. We like to end each season with an Italian meal BUT for the last two years that hasn’t happened so this year we are going all Italian. We’re starting with  A Bronx Tale. Besides the fact that Robert DeNiro’s character shares our last name and my father claims the beginning of this story follows his real life, we love this flick for it’s portrayal of Italian-American life in the mid-twentieth century. Aside from the stereotypical mobster movie stuff it paints a serious picture of the neighborhood segregation in that time as well as the positive shift into the multi-cultural society we live in today. Plus, who can forget “The Door Test”. Rules to live by.

REEL TASTY: The Three Amigos

Let’s ride! A song filled, dance inducing, joke a minute, slapstick comedy, anchored by three amazing comedians has us counting the minutes until the 24th. Join us to fight the Evil El Guapo and eat some tasty, cheesy, crispy, spicy, hearty, hot, sweet, salty, luscious, peppery, juicy food. I suppose we could have just said delicious but then again, we are not writing a telegram. Bring your little buttercup and stay a while, while. Ok, we promise to try and tone down the movie quotes once we finish writing this.

REEL TASTY: Escape from New York

It’s been hot in NYC. Hot like a prison. New Yorkers have started to act out. The heat is getting to them. It’s almost as if Manhattan island has become a maximum security prison walled off from civilization and they have left us all for dead. Ok, that’s a bit much. It’s not that hot. But, Brooklyn is typically a few degrees cooler so consider visiting us on the 27th.


REEL TASTY: Cleopatra Jones

Blaxploitation never tasted so good! Saturday, July 16th at 7:30pm. We have wanted to hit this genre for a while. We struggled a lot with choosing a film that would keep things light but not cliche the genre. Shaft, although fantastic, has been remade and is almost too overexposed to properly re-examine the Blaxploitation era. Others, like “Cornbread, Earl and Me” dive deeper into social issues. Although that’s a strong message for the genre as a whole, we still wanted to keep you entertained while not making that left brain wrestle too hard with the ideas the film forces us to examine. So where did we go? A 6ft tall, ex-model, international female spy who can kick ass, drive like a pro and fire a gun better than Rambo. Cleopatra Jones of course.

REEL TASTY: Caddyshack

Join us for a hole-in-one! Saturday, June 4th at 7:00pm. To kick off season three we dug deep into our favorite movie list and pulled out Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and Rodney Dangerfield. Join us as we take a trip back to 1980 where some of us actual made our scratch by carrying rich peoples woods 18 holes over highly landscaped terrain. If you were a caddy or not, you can at least relate to the pesky gofer that seems to turn the whole country club upside down.

The Lost Hour Supper

Sunday, March 13th at 8:30pm. Join us for an evening of tasty, sippy, mysterious conversation. Every year we lose an hour as we spring ahead to…well…spring. What if those lost 60 minutes held a secret? What if that secret was filled with attractive singles, delicious food and rich, luscious wine? Would you tell? Or, would you keep your mouth closed and smirk with content?

On March 13th we are teaming up with Dandelion Wines and converting a wine shop into a dining den to celebrate this seductive lost hour. As the rest of the world skips past these valuable and mysterious minutes ten single men and ten single women will be indulging with gluttonous disregard. A 4-course gourmet dinner will be crafted to perfectly match hand selected, small batch vintners favorite wines.

Quietly reserve one of the 20 seats below and treat yourself to an evening that will be full of visual surprises, olfactory inspirations, tongue tantalizing moments and perhaps, by the end of the evening, even those little hairs on the back of your neck will be at attention. Who knows, you might even share a bite and a sip with your new spring lover.

REEL TASTY: Austin Powers

Saturday, September 18th at 7:00pm. Come join us for some shagadelic tasty! This month we bring some British to the deck. 1960’s free love Britain that is. Don’t worry, all the spinning beds and naughty mood lights have been put away. We will take that kitsch and put it into the menu instead of the decor. It’s just safer that way. Aimee and I have reinvented some of our favorite British dishes and we hope you’ll come by to try them out. Of course, Austin gets naughty and goofy on the big wall during the later half of the evening. I can’t wait to see what Lily from Dandelion Wines digs up for this one.

REEL TASTY: Spaceballs

Come join us for some space travel. August 28th at 7:00pm. We partnered up with Smaltz Brewing Company for this one and in honor of their Jewishness we figured we would bring Mel Brooks and his hilarity to the deck. Of all his movies it’s hard to pick a favorite. The deciding factor was the number of Hebrew references we could remember in each film. In the end, Dark Helmut and the rest of the Spaceballs came up winners. The hilarious Star Wars spoof is complete with Druish Princess’, John Candy as a half man-half dog and Pizza the hut. I guess all we can say is “May the Shwartz be with you!”.