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knights of the raj

Knights of the Raj NYC

Knights of the Raj NYC is an immersive peek into the history of NYC curry cuisine. To understand why this is a fascinating visit to Brooklyn’s MOFAD that will feed your mind as well as your stomach, we need to back up to the origins of the Knights of the Raj and the curry uprise in Britain. The “Knights” started as an homage to those who are responsible for bringing curry to Britain in the first place, the Bangledeshis. aka, the East Pakistanis or British Indian Muslims, depending on what year you are focused on when discussing the topic. A short history of India seems necessary. The British Raj, as Britain was known, occupied India between 1858 and 1947 until “partition” emancipated India and Pakistan from British rule. The handy work of Brit Cyril Radcliffe drew new borders with the goal of dividing Pakistan and India so that the Muslim and Hindu populations were not disturbed. FAIL on Cyril’s part. Known as the Radcliffe line, this ridiculous re-bordering made a split country of Pakistan creating two wings, east and west, with India in the middle. This also caused 14 million Muslims and Hindus to flee across new borders when they discovered they were in the wrong country. This duo of Pakistans only lasted until 1971 when a revolution in East Pakistan due to civil disobedience led to the war of independence resulting in the new state of Bangladesh. Whew, ok…That brings us back to Banglideshis migrating from their newly formed country that was experiencing famine, poverty and military coups to Britain. Along with this they obviously brought their food and curry started to make its way into the British culture as an exotic dish. Fast forward to modern day and Britains national dish declared curry and rice, you can image the impact the Knights of the Raj have had in a short 50 years. With 30,000 Indian restaurants in the UK, The Knights stories start with the first Bangladeshis settling in Birmingham and spreading across Britain. Curated by artist Mohammad Ali The Knights of the Raj NYC is a continuation of the British story and Bangladeshis landing in New York. Included in the visit are Immersive Arts Experiences, Walk-In Diorama, Live Performances, and a Three-Course Sampler Menu of Bangladeshi Street Foods and British-Style Curries. July 20th – August 5th from 6:30 to 9:30 pm in Brooklyn, NY

food fails

Fail Friday: Leading Startups Share Lessons Learned

One of our favorite topics has always been failure. We think it’s an underserved topic. When it is discussed it’s usually shrouded in successful stories that the “failure” was the catalyst for. We’re not saying we shouldn’t learn from our mistakes, we just wish failure talks were about the horrific and gut wrenching misshapes of our passionate endeavors. The learning from that is invaluable. This Thursday the Food+Tech Friday Fails event continues bringing these terrible stories to light. This week, Gotham Greens, Sweet Revenge and the former founder of Modern Farmer. All followed by audience Q&A so you can dig even deeper into the disaster. Thursday, June 2 @ 7:00 PM in NYC.

food revolution

Jamie’s Food Revolution

This is a little different than our normal posting style. Tomorrow starts Jamie’s Food Revolution. You know the guy. Jamie Oliver, aka The Naked Chef, aka owner of Fifteen, Jamie’s Italian and a slew of other British based restaurants. Friend of Jay Kay. FoodTube creator. must I go on? Most importantly, doer of good and carrier of the better food for kids through cooking torch. Here’s the mission in their words. “Access to good, fresh, nutritious food is every child’s human right, but currently we’re failing our children. Millions of kids are eating too much of the wrong food, while millions more don’t get enough of the good stuff to let them grow and thrive. We need to unite as one strong, single voice to force governments and businesses to create a healthier, happier world for the future.” Their efforts are truly incredible and making a difference. At last look they were approaching 700,000 revolutionaries. Here’s all you do. Sign up, share with your friends, cook some recipes and then pledge to teach the kids in your life. You’re probably doing that already. No brainer. Let’s go.

Questlove TimesTalks

TimesTalks with Questlove

We’re psyched about Questlove’s new book, Something to Food About. On the same day it drops (april 12th), Questlove will be talking about all things food, music, pop-culture and creativity. That creativity is the basis of the book and hopefully a huge focus of the talk. He spent time with 10 different chefs discussing their process, vision, inspiration and creative expression. A conversation and book signing follow the talk so stick around for some Questlove, love. The TimesTalks with Questlove is Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at 7:30PM @ The TimesCenter.