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a night in by ADA

A Night In by Adá Supper Club

Adá Supper Club has created A Night In to bring a bit of restaurant ambiance into your dining room and living room. If those are the same for you, as is with many of us NYers, we got you. Each meal is prepared by one of their hand-picked chefs comes with a playlist to complement the smells and tastes inside your box as well as some plating instructions to truly amp up that restaurant feel. For years we converted an apartment into a full restaurant, although it was a ton of work, the magic was real. This promises that same magic with a far lighter lift, plus the chefs are top-notch. Picked from the best black and female culinary crafters in New York today, your box experience will come as close as possible to Adá’s in-person culinary feasts. Chef Kia Damon, Chef Nana Wilmot and Chef Stikxz produced some of the most recent dinners all under different themes like “Land of Wood & Water” or “The Love That I Knead”. We love this touch. As fans of fully immersive experiences, the details are the difference. Currently, there’s a waitlist. We recommend getting in the cue asap.
Frankies “Cook the Book” Club

Frankie’s Sputino brings us together to cook their cookbook

Most Italian meals we make from memory. Burned into our brains as kids between our grandmother and mother making dinner each night. The magic of Sundays and holidays always brought new dishes across our plates. When we do need help one of the books we reach for is The Frankies Spuntino Kitchen Companion & Cooking Manual. It’s simple, classic and filled with stories. Just the way we like it. Now, the Franks have introduced a little of that childhood cooking feels back into our lives with their Frankies “Cook the Book” Club. Each month you get 3 dishes to feed 4-6 guests. Curated and pre-prepared by the Frankies team the accompanying instructions guarantee a perfect meal and a bolstered kitchen confidence. Think, Radish Salad with Parsley, and Red-Wine Braised Short Ribs with Rosemary & Fennel. You just need to do a little finishing. Just enough to make you feel accomplished. If you are a fan up plus ups, The two Franks provide a scratch for that itch too. A proper wine pairing or a bottle of Frankies’ Olive Oil is easy to include in your box. As a bonus, the club comes with 10% off all in-store purchases at the Frankies Pantry, their mini-alimentari. First access to events, collaborations, and new membership offerings, like their Provisions Box.

Locanda vini e olii Italian Market

Locanda vini e olii launches an Italian Market

It was more than a decade ago when we had our first Locanda vini e olii meal. An old drugstore, with walls lined with nostalgic pharmacy bottles, converted into a neighborhood restaurant has always instantly made us feel like we just showed up at our uncle’s house on Sunday. To combat the pandemic and winter in a dining ban they have converted the restaurant in a direction back towards the drugstore providing meals and provisions. This new alimentari offering highlights their fantastic ingredient list including their famed (at least in our house) olive oil. My mom can’t get enough of it. The menu is all available for order out so you can indulge in their best in-house dishes like their pappardelle with wild boar OR alici e burro (Sicilian anchovies). For us the Italian Marketplace is where it’s at. Stocking up on delectables like house made pasta, limoncello or their Italian breakfast in a box. If you are looking for a first move because you’re overwhelmed with choice as we were when we hit the site, start with the Meal-Kit. Each week a new offering includes a selection across three courses of tasty. By example, this week choose between Fettunta or Tuscan Lentil Soup to start. Follow that with Broccolini Pesto Gnocchi or Polenta (or Pappardelle) ai Funghi, a tough choice. Round that out by picking a winner in the Pork Shank vs Baby Octopus “Inzimino” bout. We’d go octopus. It’s a game-changer. Next week the options change so you can enjoy it all again. As my grandfather used to say, “a scarpetta” which signifies soping up sauce with a piece of bread to savor every last bit on your plate. We recommend the same theory applied to both the Loncada menu and marketplace.

summerlong supper club

Summerlong Supper Club helps save your Favorite Restaurant

The folks behind summerlong wine company have launched Summerlong Supper Club, a winter supper club in a box along with 16 fantastic NYC restaurants. With the goal of raising enough money to keep all 16 in business until the summer warmth brings back a sustainable customer cadence. The plan is a 16 week $50/week subscription that guarantee a tasty, well crafted meal. That’s $2million dollars of which $120,000 goes to each restaurant. In addition, 100 meals are being donated to frontline workers. Let’s call that double charity OR better yet New Yorkers for New Yorkers. Without much support from the government, restaurants are left to, unfortunately, fend for themselves. This project is built on how New Yorkers live. Help our own when in crisis. We’ve reacted this way from the blackout to 911 and this is just as critical a moment for the community. They are offering pick-up and delivery (inside a fairly generous neighborhood range) The FAQ’s explain more in-depth but this is an awesome program built to ensure your favorite restaurants are still around come summer.

RESY's Yurt Villages

Winter dining in RESY’s Yurt Villages

It’s getting cold. It’s getting dark. And, we’re all wondering what this shift to winter is going to do to our new found love of outdoor dining. Enter RESY’s Yurt Villages, a pop up restaurant city at your favorite restaurants around the country. We assume they will be heated because, well, they are yurts and its freezing. American Express card members had access for the last two days but today it opens to everyone at 11am so grab a spot before they’re gone. New Yorker’s will see some of their favs like Lilia and Crown Shy yurting it up. In DC, Fiola. In Philly. ZahavKann in Portland and Canlis in Seattle rep the pacific northwest. By now you must be envisioning that glamping spot you could never secure on airbnb BUT this reservation food is included. So lace up your redwings, grab your best made axe and head down to the yurt village for a night in the round. Second though, leave the axe at home.

Feed the Polls

Free Meals on Election Day While You Wait to Vote

This is the most important election our life, and probably yours too. No matter which way you lean, your voice is needed and important to truly understand what we stand for and care about. To that end, voting is not as easy as you’d think and getting to the polls even harder especially with the pandemic. Amplifying the already growing food insecurity faced in our country, getting to the polls versus waiting on a food line is a choice that most likely leads to your vote not being cast. To combat this The Infatuation, Zagat, and The Migrant Kitchen have joined forces and launched Feed the Polls, an effort to bring the maximum amount of voters to the polling stations by using free meals as the incentive. The hope is to help every American have a voice, which is what we want, now more than ever. Helping is simple, a $10 donation buys one meal.

Kraken Perfect Storm Dinner

Kraken’s Perfect Storm Dinner

Kraken Rum decided to serve dinner during a Caribbean storm that they created from scratch. Outlandish experiences that also resonate with the core of a brand are few and far between in the days of color museums and monochrome candy galleries. When I was a kid my parents orchestrated a Halloween/Birthday party that might have sparked my love of experiences. (My Birthday is end of October) The crescendo peaked with a “ghost story” that included a full-blown storm. My dad recorded the shower running and then played it back through his speaker system. He used a piece of sheet metal to simulate thunder and his Nikon flash popped every few seconds to create lightening. All this while my mom told the ghost story dressed as a witch. I will never forget this as long as I live. Those details make a huge difference and turn something simple into a remarkable moment. Kraken had a bigger budget than my parents in bringing their storm to life. We think eating inside their dark storm is going to be epic. When we say dark we actually mean black. The darkness rain show that kicks off the evening gives up a little when you reach the storm’s eye, then dinner is served…all black. Nori rolls, squid ink linguini and black garlic gnocchi accompany their iconic black octopus. The storm only lasts a few nights so Londoners grab your seats before they ship off. Sorry, a sailing pun was inevitable. July 12th and 13th in Charing Cross, London.
Olmsted Backyard BBQ Fundraiser

Olmsted Backyard BBQ Fundraiser

The chefs and owners at Olmstead and Maison Yaki have graciously set up a fundraiser dinner to support a woman’s right to choose. Along with Greg and team they’ve invited some of their best chef friends to participate in making the Yellowhammer Fund charity meal extra delicious. There are two seatings and we think these tickets will go fast. A seat gets you all the food and drink you can consume plus a whole lot of feel good for your donation. Plus, you get to hang in a restaurant filled with a like-minded community all night. June 24th in Brooklyn at 5pm and 7:30pm seatings.

Backyard chef series

Franks’ Backyard Chef Series III

I love a good backyard party. The fact is, I have not been throwing nearly enough of them in the past few years ever since my Brooklyn deck turned into a Queens backyard. That is not to place blame as much as it is to publicly say I am bringing them back this summer. If you don’t get an invite or if you prefer the professional chef version of this American past time, I have great news but it’s unfortunately not directions to my house. The two Franks, yes those Frankie Spuntino legacy guys, have just announced their 3rd annual backyard chef series. For those of you who live under a rock (aka. Deep Queens or the Upper West Side) Frank and Frank did some remodeling last year. They closed Prime Meats, their German steak house, and converted it into Franks. Confusing I know. Their reinvented spot is split between a wine bar and a trattoria. They also expanded the Frankie’s Spuntino dining room which allows for a new and improved backyard scene. All this means that this years line up has some new space and some new ingredients, or accouterments, to play with. The guest chefs include some of my favs like Angie Rito from Don Angie’s and Greg Baxtrom of Olmsted. A few out-of-towners are in the mix like the talented Kristian Baumann from Copenhagen’s Restaurant 108. The best part of all this is the entire evening is communal. From the welcome drinks to the long dining table you’ll make new friends at, things will get intimate. The spots at the table will fill up fast so make sure you pick a chef and grab up some seats before your only option is a useless attempt at a remake in your friend backyard alley, a $6.99 Walmart mini- bricket bbq and a 6-pack of canned rose. May 15th thru September 25th in Brooklyn.

bon appetit hot ten party

Bon Appétit Hot Ten Party

Every year the editors at Bon Appetit compile their top 10 restaurants in America. Then they hold a grand ol’ chef and food insider party celebrating their list. If rubbing elbows with the Foodie elite is your thing or you just like the idea of eating the best food in America, according to one of those aforementioned tastemakers, then the Bon Appétit Hot 10 Party is totally your scene. Snapping up a tier 1 ticket gets you unlimited food and drinks which is a great start BUT if you’re attending you might as well really go big. The VIP package gives you a special entrance (no queuing), early access to all the food, some mingling time with the chefs so you can drop that sous vide story you’ve been dying to use and a special Hot 10 alumni restaurant in addition to the 2018 team. That should hold you over with stories when commanding your next dinner party. If you just want to party and forget the food (which we’re not sure why you’d choose that) a quick $25 bucks gets you into the after party. October 17th at 6:30 in Brooklyn, NY.

pasta flyer dinner series

Pasta Flyer Supper Series

If we stand for anything, it’s dinner. The more special the more better. When we discovered Mark Ladner, pasta making magician of Del Posto and Lupa fame, was celebrating his one year anniversary of his fast-casual Pasta Flyer with a supper series we we’re psyched to say the least. An already high-rotation, week day, post-workout, dinner for us because of the incredible value Mark and team bring to the literal table…Secret best meatballs in city, secret great wines by the glass…he’s crafted this dinner series with some of his best chef friends. From the likes of Mario Carbone to Maialino’s Nick Anderer to Barbara Lynch (who has the best oyster bar in Boston amongst her food dynasty) the menu creations are bound to be off the chain. We’re not sure what we’re most excited about. Two Italian’s in the same kitchen or a food storyteller augmenting the current Pasta Flyer menu. It looks like this was a Resy and Applestone collab too. Props to them as we recently were swooned by the 24/7 butcher. Tickets will undoubtedly go quick so make a move briskly. September 26th through November 7th in NYC.

the lost supper

McKittrick Hotel’s The Last Supper

We’ve loved the McKittrick Hotel since our first sneak peek before the fames Sleep No More ever performed once. The Punchdrunk team has now opened up The Attic and invited us to  The Last Supper, a surreal time warp back to the 1960’s that boasts a hypnotic experience. Knowing this theater companies flair for the eerily awesome, there’s no doubt this night will be a head spinner you will remember for a solid decade. A few early reviews are available but leave a lot to the imagination. Our advice is not to click and be completely surprised by the journey that lies up in the attic. The dinner only runs until July 21st so you have to grab tickets as soon as you can. Don’t forget to wear your mid-century best or summon your inner Don Draper. Dressing the part always makes for more immersive fun. Now through August 4th in NYC.

the infatuation shop small

Small Business Saturday X The Infatuation

Wait! Don’t go shopping today. Wait until tomorrow. Same goes for eating or at least eating out. Regular readers of FT know we’re buddies with The Infatuation crew. What you might now know is we’re equally long term fans of American Express. That’s why this collab was a must post for us. Plus, It’s innately a good thing to do. The Infatuation has curated some of the best deals on the Shop Small American Express site to get you both great (in many cases, hard to get) food while helping your local small biz stay in business. The team is hosting #DineSmall events at some of their favorite local restaurants in NYC, LA, DC, San Diego, Chicago and San Fran. Stay tuned November 26th as they open up the ticket sales. Saturday, November 26th from 3-6pm in various cities.

Orphans’ Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be rough if your family lives far from the hustle we call home. Thankfully there’s tons of alternative families available to belly up next to and enjoy a feast that rivals the family back home. In fact, it might even be better given the family drama is organically removed from the equation. One of our favorites is Greenpoint Beer and Ale’s Orphans’ Thanksgiving. Now in it’s fourth year, a meal and a movie are included with every ticket. A dessert potluck is part of the evening so bring a winner. If that wasn’t enough, $10 from each ticket will be donated to The Greenpoint Soup Kitchen. Thursday, November 24, 5PM – 11PM in Brooklyn.

Grand Central Market Movies

Grand Central Market Movies – Big

Zoltar has spoken, and your wish has been granted: yes, you can watch ‘Big’ on the patio at Los Angeles’ Grand Central Market while sampling from Horse Thief BBQ’s menu of Texan meats and veggie-centric sides. We promise that the magic of the evening will be restricted to the movie’s storyline, Tom Hank’s performance, and the restaurant’s non-Hollywood dishes like brisket, apple and pomegranate salad – that is, of course, unless you decide to try your luck with an unplugged fortune-telling machine, in which case, see you at FAO Schwartz on the human sized piano. Wednesday, August 3rd at 8pm in Grand Central Market, Downtown LA.

Hayground school chefs dinner

Hayground Chef’s Dinner

Dinner, food science, your favorite chefs and helping kids. We should end this post right there. There won’t be a better sentence than that in the rest of this post. Despite that not even being a full sentence, we’ll fill you in a bit more. Jeff Salaway was one of the founders of Hayground school and he passed in 2001. His friends and family carried on his mission which is best summed up in the following quote. Jeff believed, “The growing, preparation and sharing of food is a primal human experience and the foundation of family and community.” Sounds a lot like what we’re always talking up. No wonder we were enamored by this event and the work the Hayground School is doing with kids. Although a seat at Hayground Chef’s Dinner is a steep one, it couldn’t benefit a more important cause. Teach a kid to fish Jesus once said. Or, was that Tom Colicchio? Either way, invaluable skills. Sunday, July 31st at 6pm in Southhold, New York.