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eat up spain

Eat Spain Up

Does “Eat Spain Up,” the name of NYC’s upcoming Spanish food and culture festival, sound like a challenge to anyone else? If it is, I’m down — definitely down. And consuming ungodly amounts of Spanish cuisine surely requires a certain level of highly specialized skill, right? So get ready, Eat Spain Up, get ready, because, thanks to years of experience with gluttony, I plan to dominate in the Spanish wine-drinking department. To triumph at the olive oil tasting. To be the mightiest of all (of all!) in the (over) consumption of ham and cheese. Oh, and I guess I could stop by one of the cooking classes, check out one of the screenings or roundtables with world-renowned Iberian chefs, and maybe try to stop being so competitive about the whole thing. Who’s with me?! October 24 – 28 in NYC.

dessert needle felt

Needle Felted Desserts Class

Next Saturday replicate your favorite Dough Donut out of felt. OK, you can make other sweets besides Dough Donuts I’ve just been off the sugar for 2 months now and damn it’s calling me back. Brooklyn Craft Company just moved from the Pencil Factory to their very own storefront, also on Greenpoint Avenue. Besides crafting a beautiful little shop they launched a whole slew of new classes. The Needle Felted Desserts class is only one of many BUT certainly the one that got our attention. Our resident critic, @missustasty signed up tout suite. You should too. Saturday, September 17 from 3pm-6pm in Brooklyn.

food illustration workshop

Food Illustration Workshop

You made that awesome veggie dish last weekend. Then there was the grilled onions and veal. Don’t forget about those apple sauce cupcakes you baked for your vegan friends 30th birthday party. The Brooklyn Brainery is bringing illustrator Malou Zuidema in to show us all how to make a more permanent version of our favorite recipes. In their 2-hour Food Illustration Workshop you’ll learn technics to make your yummies on a page with a myriad of mediums. Malou believes that playfulness is what creating art is all about. The event is more “for fun” than for “technique” but you will learn a ton in the process. The hope is simply that you leave with something that you didn’t know you could create before. Wednesday, August 10th from 5:30-7:30pm in Brooklyn.

ample hills ice cream social

Ice Cream Social at Ample Hills

We’ve loved Ample Hills since day one. Which for us was when they judged Matt Timms Ice Cream Takedown and conceded to serving the peoples choice “Caprese Freeze” in their Vanderbilt shop. Since then, the’ve come a long way but have stayed true to their quirky, passionate roots. Their Ice Cream Social is a perfect case in point. Their ice cream making bike is fun, funny, exercise and reward all mixed up in one cream creating basket. Literally. That’s followed by what they call a waffle sundae bar. Yes please to whatever that is. Tuesday, July 12th from 7-9pm.

Turkish Cooking Classes

Turkish Cooking Classes

Turkey has been high on our travel list for the last 5 years and we have yet to step off a plane in Atatürk Airport. Since we live in NYC there’s more than one way to achieve our goal of tasting mouth watering kebaps and off the chain börek. If you’re in NYC or close, you can play the same game we are. The Turkish Culture Center is offering a cooking class that promises to give you a solid dose of culture and food all wrapped up in a warm pide ekmeği (flat bread). We’re not promising flat bread but we are promising you’ll leave full of food and new friends. June 1 from 6:30 to 9:00 PM in NYC.

exploration of sourdough

Feed Your Mother: an exploration of sourdough

Lately people have been telling us we need to check out Montclair. As a born and bread Long Islander it’s a bit like joining the darkside. The Galactic Empire did have speeder bikes and those cool voice manipulator. Montclair Bread Company might be the sith that sways us over. Dropping the Star Wars references, Montclair Bread Company has a head baker from Amy’s bread who also spent time at the helm of Bread Alone. All that means they know what they are talking about. So, when sourdough lessons popped up on the calendar we thought you might want to know about it. Join them for an exploration of sourdough. You’ll learn how to create your own starter and how to keep it alive. They will then explain the different types of sourdoughs before sending you home to “feed” it for a week. A week later the session concludes with the baking of your new sourdough baby. If that’s not enough, they also love donuts, so snacks will be easy to obtain. Multiple days and time in Montclair, New Jersey.

cooking with cannabis class

Cooking with Cannabis Class with Michael Cirino

Michael Cirino, culinary innovator and experience genius, will spend 2 hours educating us about cannabis cooking techniques and its effects on the human brain. IMPORTANT NOTE: You will not be served, offered or shared any marijuana in this class, and the organizers do not encourage the act of cooking or prepping under the influence. Although, Cirino will demonstrate the process using legal herbs. By close of class you’ll be armed with surprising new thinking around this unnecessarily infamous plant. Just be careful where you use your new knowledge. We don’t recommend a test at Thanksgiving dinner. Wednesday, April 20 at 6:30 PM @ The Brooklyn Kitchen.

Cook Cooking with Wylie Dufresne: The Magic of Liquid Nitrogen

Cool Cooking with Wylie Dufresne: The Magic of Liquid Nitrogen

Kids + Liquid Nitrogen = FUN. Sounds dangerous, we realize but in the capable and creative hands of innovating chef, Wylie Dufresne, the math proves true. Chef Dufresne will lead kids in a hands-on, interactive afternoon that’s bound to oooh and ahhh your kids. The magic will also distract them long enough for you to grab one of those famous Williamsburg coffees and actually enjoy sipping on it uninterrupted. With an official name of Cool Cooking with Wylie Dufresne: The Magic of Liquid Nitrogen, I think this equation is obvious. no brainer = brain knower. Saturday, April 2 at 11am at the Museum of Food + Drink Lab.

whiskey week

Whiskey Week

If there’s a week this year to get your whiskey tasting on it would be this week. Wine By The Case is hosting a myriad of tastes composed of the best of American Whiskey, Bourbons & Scotches in their Whiskey Week. Lagavulin, Highland Park, Cody Road, Boondocks++ This event is FREE all they ask is that you purchase a commemorative glass. And why would you not want a commemorative glass? Wednesday, March 16 at 6:00 PM – Tuesday, March 22 at 10:00 PM @ Wine By The Case in Brooklyn.

FIAF Wine Tasting’s The Vintage Effect Class

FIAF Wine Tasting’s The Vintage Effect Class

We’re more likely talking ’67 Camaro than ’47 Cheval Blanc but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to sip on some great vino. FIAF Wine Tasting’s The Vintage Effect Class gives you that opportunity with one of this years more interesting sessions. Learn enough to navigate that monster list at Del Posto BUT be careful it doesn’t break your ApplePay next time you catch yourself with a full cart on Wine Library.com. Monday, March 14 @ 7pm in NYC.