‘Wich Hunting: Pilot Episode

While in Italy I realized that there’s a lot happening around the world between two slices of bread. Anthony and I have travelled the world eating everything from Balut in the Philippines to blood sausage in Argentina. In every destination there has always been a sandwich shop. Some were good and some were bad but they all had their unique take on this ubiquitous meal. The origin of the sandwich is highly debated and we’ll dive into that on our journey as we discover, taste and debate the best sandwiches in the world.

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5 Comments to “‘Wich Hunting: Pilot Episode”

  1. schram Says:

    i love how europeans just disregard the use of gloves when handling food. They’re so unnecessary.

  2. Robt Coma Says:

    The hardest thing to understand on the planet is the taxes.
    The invisible hand with the market always moves faster and compared to the heavy hand of government.


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