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Spotting Pigs in Greenwich Village

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I love the business lunch. I like the whole idea of a hot snack, mid-day filled with some marketing talk, some good yucks and an Arnold Palmer or two. (I rarely sip the vine, hops or fermented potatoes during a business lunch, just a personal policy) Because I lunch often, it feels right to cover the action, when possible, with a quick little video snack. Depress clutch. Pull stick into second. Release clutch.

Lately, I have been overwhelmed by restaurant reviews. For a town hit hard by the recession, there sure are a load of new restaurants opening across this metropolis. A month ago I decided to hone my sources down to three websites. From these three I would work my way through their recommendations and keep my mind temporarily uncluttered. My favorite. Immaculate Infatuation. Chris and Andrew give ya the straight dope. They break the joint down in a non-foodie way, tell ya what to get, what not to get and if you should bother going to the restaurant at all. Of course, I have yet to dine with either of these music industry moonlighters, so I can’t trust them just yet. But, I like their tone and site design so I figured I would put one of their reviews to MY test.

The Spotted Pig is the now famous gastro-pub that…

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