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Кузнечный переулок • St. Petersburg

Friday, April 11, 2014


Кузнечный переулок, St. Petersburg, Russia

This week I thought I’d dig back and post a Reheated from our Russia mayhem. Jumping on the boat back in 2009 with Tony and hitting Estonia, Helsinki, Stockhom and St. Petersburg was an epic, light filled, adventure. It made sense to heat it back up this week with all the recent Russia news and because we finally made heads or tails of our YouTube channel. It’s all organized and pretty now. Check it out.

The pickled beets and cabbage above was crazy delicious. Think Russian style kimchi. It’s worth pointing out we waaaay overpaid for it after being taken advantage of at the market (Video 1). We’ve been lots of places but Russia might take the cake for feeling most foreign. From the streets to reading signs to ordering food, it’s tough to navigate everything. Let’s leave it at that, like we did most of what we ate in Russia. Best to not try and figure out what it is but just enjoy the tasty. Here’s the conclusion of this epic 36 hour, post iron curtain, beauty of a city escapade.

Go there:
Кузнечный переулок (Kuznechnyy Rynok)
Kuznechnyy pereulok, 3, St Petersburg, Russia
+7 812 312-41-61

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Hooka Indian restaurant – St Petersburg Russia

Thursday, June 25, 2009



Last week Jay, Kelsey and I stumbled upon a Hooka Bar at 1am in St. Petersburg after sight seeing all day. The sun was just about to go down when we went in. We had a great relaxing 2-3 hours of hookah, beer and what else Vodka. When we left the sun had already been rising.

This week I grabbed a few friends and when back. However…

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Russia. 11pm. Friday. June.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


A bloody church, an impromptu Russian girl party and a Hookah kept Tony, Kelsey and I going when our bodies and minds were conflicted on exactly what time it was. Russia kept us on our toes as we continued to explore the in’s and out’s of St. Petersburg.

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Rushin’ around Russia: Part 1

Monday, June 15, 2009

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With little English spoken and the Russian mafia with there hands in everything, Kelsey, Anthony and I ventured out to find the local market, eat some wild, wild, game and explore the ancient architecture of the czars. With 2 days to explore, I had to break Russia up into 3 parts. Part one, above, is most of day one. But, with almost 24 hours of daylight it was hard to decide when day one ended and day two started.

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