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My Last Juneau

Thursday, July 15, 2010

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Pelmeni – Juneau Alaska from Anthony Anello on Vimeo.

Diabetic Blood Sugar Count
Pre-meal: 128 | Post-meal (1 hour): 123 | Insulin: 5 Units

My last day in Juneau I took a canoe to the Mendenhall Glacier. We were paddling for a while to get to the glacier and I worked up an appetite. Usually when I am really hungry I want the perfect meal. The perfect meal would be something delicious that will fill me up and doesn’t cost too much. I decided to get my last hit at Tracy’s King Crab Shack. I have to say that is my favorite place to go in Juneau to eat. However, it may be delicious but it didn’t fill me up. I walked by a crepe stand and saw a cheeseburger crepe on the menu. That sounded interesting and I would have liked to try it but they closed by the time that I decided to get it.

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