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PBJ Thursday #8

Sunday, May 24, 2009

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PBJ Thursday #8

This Thursday was a bit of an audible. Jen and Rob came by for the event and they brought some new treats to the party. They also decided we needed to move the party to the kitchen. This resulted in some looks and subsequent nostalgia. We may have to go public with this little ritual. Yeah, I am talking office wide.

There were five new additions to the growing PBJ pantry

1. Skippy creamy (the only one that doesn’t give Rob heartburn)
2. Smuckers Strawberry Preserve
3. Smuckers Red Raspbery Jam
4. Stonewall Kitchen Raspberry Jam
5. Nutella

You guys all know I am a purist and Nutella doesn’t fit in. Fluff, walnut butter, etc are all not for the pure PBJ lover. I accepted Nutella’s place on teh table but only had it as a “dessert” sandwich.

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