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PBJ Thursday #11

Friday, July 31, 2009


PBJ Thursday

Jenny brings a little Italian bread and mixes up the whole show.

Brought by: Jenny
PB: Skippy Natural
J: Smuckers Strawberry
Bread: Italian Baguette

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Sweet Jelly Talks in Beantown

Saturday, April 25, 2009


PBJ Thursday #4: The social

Yesterday I flew to Boston for the fourth Jelly Talk. It’s a developer focused speaker series I started with Amit Gupta, founder of Jelly, Photojojo and commandshift3(a personal favorite of mine).

The talk went great. Seth and Ryan talked geo-location for about an hour making me jealous I don’t yet have an iPhone. But, lets back up about an hour…

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PBJ Thursday #6: Social PBJ

Friday, April 24, 2009



This past Thursday Jen, my work wife, and I decided to invite some friends over to our area for a group PBJ day. The point of this was two fold. First, we wanted to make some friends and celebrate the wonder that is the peanut butter + the Jelly + the bread. Second, we wanted to get rid of some of our stock so that we could begin purchasing some new flavors of both the PB and the J. Jenny did a quick email out to some solid eater peeps in the office and we wound up with a nice crew of six. Below is each of our takes on what we ate and how it made us feel…

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