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Curry-Eck • Berlin

Friday, July 12, 2013


Curry-Eck, Berlin

I’ve often said Berlin shocked me more than any other city I’ve ever been to. I expected something completely different than what I got in as positive of a way as you could imagine. This Currywurst, Berlin’s unofficial favorite dish, can be found on almost ever corner you look. The birth of the dish is as amazing as the city itself with unprecedented events being the catalyst for it’s inception. World War 1 brought ketchup, curry and Worcestershire sauce carrying soldiers to Berlin. An innovative German woman combined these ingredients with a grilled, than sliced, pork sausage and started selling it roadside to construction workers. Once it caught on Currywurst stands popped up all over the city as is the case today.

The above version has raw onion and paprika along with the standard ketchup, curry and Worcestershire. The sausage, on this day, was grilled to perfection and particularly succulent. The shop was nothing but a small grey kiosk with a single picnic bench along side it. Turned on to this gem by a local Berlin buddy I ordered exactly the way he told me to. He didn’t steer me wrong. Amidst the initial cringe when you hear, than see, the ingredients piled up, the combo is amazing. i pounded this back and licked the white paper delivery boat before it ever had a chance of sogging out. This spot and this combo is forever on my “must hit” Berlin list. Don’t settle for teh nearest, make the trip to Curry-Eck Imbiss. I promise the above tasty will not disappoint.

Go there:
Curry-Eck Imbiss  
Turmstraße 85 Berlin, Germany | 0178 4639436

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German Treats

Friday, August 14, 2009


Alex – Keil, Germany from Anthony Anello on Vimeo.

Kelsey and I had been to Kiel Germany a bunch of times but never went anywhere special because it was always raining. For my last visit to Kiel the sun finally decided to shine. We walked through town and the first thing we were looking for was Starbucks.

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Snacks-Warnermunde, Germany

Monday, May 18, 2009



I was a little hungry and new, form the last time I was in Germany, I had to eat a currywurst . I stopped off at a little stand on the street and I’ve got to say this thing was more than a snack. It was about 10inches long and had some girth. (Ok, Minds out of the gutter and back to the food). They chopped it up and put this goo on it. It looked like molasses. Then they sprinkled curry all over it. It was so good to bring back the memories from 2006…

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